[Ok, maybe we don’t need to be so dramatic.]

While listening to a podcast on customer research, I captured this phrase which brilliantly sums up our daily bubble:

Anything you’re thinking about customers and markets is nothing more than a guess.
Des Traynor, Co-Founder Intercom

Indeed! Without research, anything we do is a guess based on our own limited experiences and beliefs.

Any when we guess we fail to deliver products/services that sell.

So stop guessing. Start researching.

We are dedicating this bulletin to online surveys as a way / a means to collect customer feedback in eCommerce. 

For this, I asked my CRO wizards for tips based on their experience. Here is what came out:

? Want to know what questions to address bouncing visitors? Read Mara’s latest blog post on how to create relevant online surveys (real-life example included)

? Want to create an online survey on your own? Watch the tutorial prepared by Sorin on how to create an online survey by yourself

? Want to sneak a peak in our knowledge base? Here is a simple matrix our Agency uses when matching target audiences with relevant questions to ask. You can get inspired from here when setting up your own online survey

And to show you that we eat our dog food…

Last week Valentin Radu attended Magento Live Europe 2018 in Barcelona. While he was waiting on the train’s platform he realized this is a good opportunity to collect feedback from participants and to validate/invalidate a hypothesis. So he quickly created an online survey (nothing fancy) and used it during the event.

He managed to collect more than 50 pieces of feedback and awesome insights on customer retention and segmentation.

But more on this topic in our next episode.

Instead of an ending, guess what! An online survey!

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