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Today’s website also starts with “The Little”. Here comes The Little Deer:



The Little Deer is a Brighton based company selling clothing and jewellery designed and made by independent designers and small brands.

We analyzed the website and based on the limited information we had, we came up with the following suggestions that might lead to better customer retention and more sales. Here they are:

  • Emphasize benefits on the top bar, as they are hardly visible but really matter to prospective customers;
  • You can run a popup with a message like “Free Shipping On Orders Over $40” with a “Shop Now” button that takes you to the products page;
  • Emphasize the search to lure visitors to search more – based on our experience, searchers convert 3 times more than non-searchers. For example, replacing the usual “Search…” with “Search designer items” may change their behaviour because it’s more specific and actionable;
  • Include a call to action in the slide images;
  • Have a heading before each row of products – “Hottest Products”, “On Sale” or even a category name like “Jewellery” will do;
  • Remove the instagram widget – It takes visitors to a third party website where they can’t buy, possibly turning them from “buyers” to “browsers” and taking attention away from you;
  • Emphasize the newsletter – make it more structured (Get our latest on sales, new releases and more);
  • Run popups for lead generation;
  • Display an on-exit popup to show the visitor products similar to the ones they just viewed;
  • Insert an UVP – what’s the brand’s differentiation? Emphasize that this shop offers a one of a kind product offered by independent designers;
  • Too much text on the product page –  I would test keeping just the descriptions with green check marks to make it more scannable, emphasize the free shipping benefit and remove the worldwide postage section (they will find it on the checkout) – this way we will bring the Buy button above the fold.

In the video below I’m going to show you how you can implement some of these suggestions. Watch:

Thanks for watching!

Now your turn: What tests would you suggest for The Little Deer? Let us know!

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