Some places have a special place in our hearts. Whether you moved away from your home town or country, or just traveled to a place that feels like home but couldn’t stay there for long, you know the feeling when someone brings you something that reminds you of that place.

We’ll get to the point in a moment, but first, a few words about Conversions Weekly…

Every week from now on, we’re going to pick one user-submitted website, analyze it and suggest improvements that could be made to that site to provide a better experience to the visitor and increase conversions.

The first website comes from Morgan Crozier, who recently moved from Texas where he grew up, and started to feel homesick.

His mother then sent him a box of Texas goodies which inspired him to launch his new business.

The Best Little Box In Texas


Morgan ships little boxes with different Texas products in them. We visited the website and noticed a few things about the entire user experience that could be improved, and we expect the outcome of making this changes could significantly impact the bottom line (in a good way!)


These are our suggestions:

  • Answer their questions on the homepage (What’s in the box?” + FAQ)
  • Display images (thumbnails) of the items – It’s hard enough having to choose from a list of items to include in the box, showing the actual items would make it much easier.
  • Bring everything closer together – There’s too much white space, especially in the header/navigation. What this does is it pushes content down below the fold, forcing the visitor to scroll down to see what you’re all about.
  • Testimonials – Who else bought this box and how did it make them feel?
  • Button copy – Change the copy on the “PURCHASE” button to instead say “PICK YOUR ITEMS” or “CHOOSE ITEMS”. People buy when they’re ready, and by not making it obvious that there’s a next step – i.e. choosing the actual items – They’ll be too afraid to order without knowing what’s inside.
  • Display 3 different products on your “SHOP” page – 3 ITEM BOX, 5 ITEM BOX and the 10 ITEM BOX.
  • Add an element of surprise – Get rid of the step where they choose their items altogether and instead, ship  a random combination on each order. What this also does is it eliminate the decision making, making it easier to place the order.
  • Short vs. Long Homepage – A.K.A. The Sales Page. Run an A/B Test on your homepage to see how the current page performs against a sales page. The sales page could include things like:
    • Benefit/UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
    • Product description (“What’s In This Box?”)
    • Testimonial
    • Product + Purchase button

And now, as we’ll continue to do in every episode of Conversions Weekly, we’ll pick one of those ideas and implement it.

This is to show you how you can use Omniconvert to run A/B Tests, Popups, Surveys, Personalization and many other tactics to improve your website’s conversion rate and make more money.

So how can The Little Box In Texas generate more sales?

Hypothesis for A/B Testing

By reducing white space and moving the call to action above the fold, we expect more people to click-through to the product page, thus increasing the number of purchases.


How it’s done


What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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