We’re now at episode 3 of Conversions Weekly, and today’s website is Shoebacca.

SHOEBACCA.COM is in the retail footwear market, offering thousands of styles by many of the world’s best shoe brands at competitive prices. They sell athletic shoes, accessories and apparel.


Let’s get to it. These are my suggestions for Shoebacca:

On the homepage:
– No call-to-action on the ‘brand’ banners.
– They also distract from the main banner on the right. I would remove them altogether,
– New arrivals! section lacks enough products. Either fill it up or remove it.
– Search button could stand out more. Articulate the button more by changing the color and replacing the placeholder from “Search…” to “Search shoes…”
– Display a popup that asks the visitor details about shoe size, gender and brand preference and lead them to the appropriate page.
– The reviews here are weak and unreliable. There’s no reason to display them on the homepage.
– Newest Products sounds a lot like New Arrivals, except the New Arrivals sections barely has any products to show.

[su_note note_color=”#ff7885″]Bonus: Here’s an alternative layout that could be experimented with:

  1. header/navigation
  2. hero image
  3. top brands (6 banners, 3/row)
  4. latest products
  5. footer

No multiple columns, make everything full width.[/su_note]

Note: I’m not against having multiple columns, in fact it can be necessary sometimes. In this case, however, we’re looking at a smaller website with no large number of products or complicated categories, so it makes sense to simplify.

Brand page:
– Make the product image, name and price bigger.
– If people are leaving reviews like “Not quite worth it” and “Cheaply made shoe” under the name “Unsatisfied customer”, it’s a good indicator that you need to 1. Work on your product and 2. Not show these reviews to new visitors (at least until you’ve figured #1)

Product page:
– In the review tab, change the “Nickname” field to say “Full name” or “First/Last Name” instead. But most importantly,
– Display the three guarantees (free shipping, no sales tax, 110% price match)


Category page:
– I like that all the products have a “SALE” ribbons. But one thing I learned from Bookings.com is that it pays to mix it up a bit. Add some “LIMITED” ribbons in there. Mabye a “HOT” or a “NEW” ribbon.

Sale page:
– Use relevant product images in the banners. The generic stock photos don’t tell visitors anything about the actual category, and when they read the text, it’s not as powerful as having a relevant image.


Shopping Cart:
– Add “Checkout” button to the top of the page. This is usually a good practice because it makes it easier for someone who has many items in their cart to see the button without scrolling down to the bottom.
– Display shipping price, even (or especially) if it’s free.

I won’t go into the checkout page for now, since it probably needs a complete redesign. Other suggestions for the site are:
– Security badges. I don’t see those anywhere on the site.
– Articulate the free shipping, no sales tax and 110% price match.

Now let’s get down to the implementation. I picked on of the ideas listed above and implemented it using the Omniconvert platform. Watch: