Spartoo is a fashion brand that sells clothing and accessories to men, women and children internationally.

Today I’ll walk you through my own experience with Spartoo and what testing ideas could benefit the site’s conversion rate.

Spartoo homepage

Let’s start.


OnLoad Popup asks European visitors if they reside in the European Union. Omniconvert already knows which country or city the user is from and you can just ask if they want to visit “Spartoo Italy”, for example.

Popup question

– The “FREE DELIVERY AND RETURNS” text is easy to miss. Here’s some testing ideas:
– Make it bold and colored (pink)
– Use icons

free delivery and returns

– Test one static hero image against the carousel.
– Test product images vs. lifestyle images.
– On this image, test one call-to-action vs. multiple calls-to-action. Also experiment with bigger, more obvious calls-to-action.

Outlet Sidebar

– Test button copy – “Shop Now” or “View Collection” or “Discover now” or “Shop the collection”

Shop collection button

In the image below you’ll see famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal, wearing and outfit that you can purchase from the destination page. The button here could also be improved to say something like “Explore look” or “Buy this look”.

Shop famous actor outfit

– Test the following popups (this is currently in the footer):

Popups for first-timers and customers

Product page:

– Test different layout here:

Product page layout

– Move the loyalty points below the call-to-action, to highlight a benefit that comes with purchasing the product.

– Replace the wide “Now accepting Paypal” image with smaller images of payment options like “Visa”, “Mastercard” as well as “Paypal”.

Accepted payment options

– Test the button copy in the recommended styles section:

Recommended products

Shopping cart:

– Move the Paypal button below the main payment button to make it more accessible to customers.

Shopping cart payment button

– Also add a checkout button at the top, before the cart items.

Top checkout button

– Offer coupons. Better yet, offer user-generated coupon codes. Remember the website footer?


By placing a text that says “Want a discount coupon?” on the shopping cart page, you’re not only giving the customer discounts but you’re simultaneously getting them to subscribe to your newsletter, thus increasing their life-time value. You’re also getting valuable feedback. Bam!


– Offer guest checkout, or split the account creation process into two steps. In the first they can fill out the email address and the password, and in the second they can fill out the shipment address. Having a customer who is ready to buy fill out a form like this can drive them away.

Checkout page

Now let’s dive into a mini-tutorial on how to run A/B testing on using the Omniconvert CRO platform: