Blog post update

One month ago, we started a web personalization experiment to discover which was the most appealing on-exit banner for our website. To make it more exciting, our team voted the banner they thought will score the biggest conversion rate and everyone chose the one with Valentin, our CEO.




The winning banner was another one: the lucky goldfish had the biggest conversion rate: 8,7%


The second place goes to (drum roll): the banner with Valentin, with a 8,2% conversion rate. The third place scored a 7,64% conversion and it’s the magic lamp.

The conclusion: Never make assumptions and always test changes on your website! Why? Because you can never guess 100% what your audience likes and what best fulfils their expectations! Also, it’s free and it helps you save lots of money, time and energy.


Here at Omniconvert, we advise our clients to permanently improve their website through continuous testing and experimenting with ideas and tactics. Conversion rate optimization is not a one-time action with immediate results, but a constant action plan to grow the business and achieve goals on a long-term overview.

As you can tell, we are convinced that changing things is the only way to improve your website, your conversion rate and, most important, your happiness. Thus, we’ve decided to play a little on our website, using our great tool, Omniconvert.
Fact is that 70% of the visitors of a website will never come back. So, why waste the opportunity of persuading them? Here’s the three variantions:

Version 1 – Valentin Radu, our CEO



Version 2-  The Goldfish


Version 3 – The Magic Lamp


With our on-exit pop-ups, we will try to convince them to start a free account. To make it funny, we’ve asked everyone in our team to vote.
Our team’s bets are on the creative with our CEO, Valentin.

Which one do you think will be the winning version? Submit your answer in the comment section.

Stay tunned and come back in a month to see which version had the best conversion rate!