Surveys play a huge part in the research phase of the conversion rate optimization process. They help marketers gather all the qualitative information they need about customers in order to personalize their onsite and offline experience. One great functionality of surveys is that they represent an instrument to collect qualified leads for your business and you can easily increase data base.

First things first! Let’s begin with some basic things that every marketer should know about how surveys can help the business grow. Mainly, online segmented surveys are used to assess the visitors opinions about their onsite experience. Sometimes, in eCommerce, marketers and business owners tend to focus only on the quantitative insights from a web analytics tool, missing out what customers feel about their website. Without talking to customers you can only guess their thoughts, and it’s almost mission impossible to do that. Therefore, you can only get their opinion on something if you ask them directly.

You can update and increase your data base with surveys by adding the lead capture at the end of it. Having this lead capturing system with web hooks, the collected leads can go to an autoresponder list. This makes it easier for you to address personalized messages to your actual and future customers, based on their answers.

With the online segmented survey technology from Omniconvert, you can ask visitors questions in real time and understand what visitors need, like and want.

Here’s a bunch of ideas you can use to increase your data base using surveys:

1. Find out if visitors need your help or special advice.

For example, if you have to optimize a website from the fashion industry or home&deco. Set up the experiment on the page you want and offer the support to the visitors who spend more than 1 minute on page (the more time they spend on page, the more interested they are in that product):



If the answer is “YES” than ask for their contact details and give them what they want:




2. You can even use the survey feature to discover which visitors want to be contacted by your company. 

When people are about to take an important decision, make sure to remove all their fears and personally help them make the best choice. For example, one of our client  from the online car renting industry, used this technique:



3. Identify buyer personas and collect leads for each category

Let’s assume you own a furniture and interior design online store. Here’s how you can use surveys to generate qualified leads for your most important traffic segments. Analyze how often they redecorate, if they hire a designer or do it themselves, where they get their ideas and inspiration, if they purchase online and, if they say they do, ask them why they rather buy online than offline.

At the end, ask them to sign up for your newsletter, to send them ideas and high-quality advice on interior design:


These are just a few ideas in which you can use surveys to get qualified leads. Once you have the data base, design personalized pieces of content for each buyer persons you identify. Create personalized emails, offer guides and articles based on the topics they are interested and so on.

To make it even easier for you to grow your business and collect qualified leads, here’s how to build up a survey with lead collector step-by-step:

1. Choose between a pop-up survey or a widget survey and name it. I recommend you name it according to the purpose of the survey so that you can easily find it in the reporting section:



2. Write down your questions and select the question type from our template:



3. Enable the Lead Collector:



4. Craft your message, add pictures and select the mandatory fields you want visitors to complete:



5. Set up the survey’s design, by choosing the general style, question screen style, button style, themes, the trigger method:



6. Write the text for the buttons, the header, intro message and thank you page:



7. It’s time to select the audience you want to display the lead collector survey. Create your own rules and choose how often do you want to trigger the invitation to complete the survey:



8. The final step is to schedule when you want the survey to be live:



One great thing about the surveys is that you can preview it and see how it looks without having to save and publish it first. Pretty cool, right? Ciprian, our geek developer, has created this feature to make it easier for you to review your survey.

Click “Publish” and that’s all: you have a lead-collector survey.

Sit tight and enjoy the growing data base!