The conversion rate optimization SaaS market is growing at a fast pace and marketers have a large range of options to choose from. Conversion rate optimization has become a very important asset for marketers world wide, due to its various tactics that allow to monitor and discover new creative possibilities for customers.  

How do you know which tool best fits your company’s needs and, more important, your marketing budget?

Well, considering that we live in a fast-forward era, time is a precious resource that we cannot afford to waste doing many things that have average or ok results. The key to business success is to create extraordinary projects that generate extraordinary results, with huge positive impact in the company’s KPIs. Therefore, being focused and having a clear strategy in mind will guide us, marketers, to increase revenues easier and improve business performance.

In the CRO market, there are many tools offering different features. You can create an account with one tool for A/B Testing, another one for online surveys, another one for web personalization technology, etc. So, at the end of the day you’d have at least three different accounts to monitor, to implement new projects, to over-view the existing ones, to monitor results and create reports. Pretty exhausting, right?

But what if you could have all the necessary features for conversion rate optimization under the same tool? 

Using a 3 in 1 approach for conversion rate optimization is a great way to increase revenues and be more efficient in your everyday marketing activities. It helps marketers to save precious time, be more organized and creative.


Benefits of the 3 in 1 integrated approach

  • Single login – Have only one account for everything you need to begin the conversion rate optimization process: A/B Testing, web personalization and online behavioral surveys.
  • Higher page speed – The great benefit of using only ONE third party instead of 3.
  • Creative projects – With the integrated 3 in 1 approach, you can easily combine features to create the personalized experiment that best fits your ecommerce website: launch a pop-up based on the survey’s answer, offer a voucher depending on the what pages the user has visited, etc.
  • Easy to export and use data between different services
  • Better pricing – For example, at Omniconvert the price is down with at least 20% against any competitor

Omniconvert is the world’s best CRO platform that integrates major features for conversion rate optimization:

  • Advanced segmentation
  • A/B Testing
  • Behavioral surveys
  • Web personalization

Omniconvert aims to provide the marketers the right technology to make it possible to apply complex ideas. Also, the solution gives the best results if the marketer is following strict testing procedures that allow adjusting their websites based on insights from real visitors in real time.

While all companies curently reside at different levels of conversion rate optimization adoption, all run the risk of commiting mistakes that may hinder future business success. So, why not avoid them, build a strong and complete CRO plan and implement it properly with a 3in1 integrated approach?

Now, the question that comes in mind right now is:

What can you do for your business?

Option #1:


But, is it really a good option?


Option #2:


Can you afford that?


Option #3:

If you’re not convinced yet about why an integrated 3 in 1 approach is more worth investing rather than a one feature tool, here’s more reasons to consider.

1.More advanced segmentation

– weather segmentation (temperature, weather conditions, etc)

dynamic text replacement

– previously gathered data (customer name, purchase history, newsletter subscriber, etc)

2. More survey features

– ability to redirect the respondent to a specific URL based on his answer

– ability to trigger a previously prepared creative/offer/notification based on his answer

– ability to further segment the visitors based on their answers

– ability to use images as questions

3. Web personalization 

– more triggers (on-scroll, on-click, on-load)

– countdown timers

– more formats – ribbons, video, sounds

– ability to build a conversation scenario

– use your own creative instead of just a few pop-up templates

So, why waste time & money on many tools instead of using a 3 in 1 integrated approach for conversion rate optimization? 

Check out Omniconvert for free and see the benefits it will bring to your business.