You’ve probably heard multiple times by now that pop-ups are dead, boring to potential customers, and similar?

Well, rest assured that you have not heard this from anyone who has read this text.

There are some amazing pop-up tips and strategies that can increase conversion rates significantly.

It’s time to reveal them!

What are the pop-ups and why are they important?

Pop-ups are windows that you place on your eCommerce site for the purpose of online advertising. 

 Effective popup is the way to present different offers to your target group and encourage website visitors to take some action.

Some of these actions can be:

  • Take a discount or coupon for a purchase
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Download e-book or online course
  • Book place on an online webinar

As you can see, with the help of pop-ups you can set various goals that your visitors need to meet. 

Of course, they will receive a certain value in return that can be reflected in important information, some entertaining content, a discount on particular purchases, and similar.

The importance of pop-ups for your e-commerce business is multifold.

By using them, you can achieve the following:

  • Gathering email contacts in order to later organize email campaigns to promote your business.
  • Collecting feedback to grow your business or leverage testimonials for your website.
  • Significantly higher conversion rates i.e. increase sales.
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4 essential elements of every successful pop-up

It is not enough to just create a pop-up window and deliver it to your visitors without paying special attention to its most important elements.

Each successful pop-up must have 4 basic elements:

  1. Context – pop-up must be related to pre-existing content on the website.
  2. Copy – pop-up text should be catchy and it should have the ability to convert visitors to customers easily.
  3. Design – visually appealing design will grab your visitors’ attention.
  4. Offer – in order for your potential customers to make the first step, the offer must be irresistible.

Listed as such, these items seem quite generic, but in the next couple of paragraphs, we will explain further how to bring these elements to perfection and achieve a given goal with the help of the pop-up!

How to find the perfect context for your pop-up?

What is actually meant by a perfect context?

We have already mentioned that pop-ups should really be a continuation of the content marketing for your website, that is, the online store.

So, if your entire store is dedicated to footwear, you will not suddenly show your potential buyers a pop-up calling for a discount on the purchase of a T-shirt.

People would wonder where was that coming from and it would not make any sense, right?

Also, the pop-up window should fit with the page of the website it is on.

Take a look at the following example from the Revolve website, and this popup strategy will become clearer.

Put yourself in the potential customer’s shoes.

You are looking at what you could order, thinking about your budget, and all of a sudden popups to appear with a 10% discount offer, and all you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter. In other words, leave your email address.

It seems like a small favour in exchange for a discount, wouldn’t you agree?

The next step is to enter your contact and you can continue shopping with the discount code.

Everything is fit and well thought out.

Now let’s get back to the seller’s perspective, shall we?

If you are a seller, not only did you just get a new buyer and close the sale, but you also got a new contact as an addition to your email campaign. Some WordPress form builder plugins can help you with collecting email addresses.

With the help of an email campaign, you can nurture your leads through important information and more privileges.

This way, you build a community of loyal customers and raise brand awareness.

Perfect context now seems much more comprehensible and even completely logical.

Everything is actually really quite simple! If you’re running on WordPress – matching the perfect context of the exitintent popup with the triggered wordpress chat plugin or chatbot might be the killing method of improving your conversion rates.

How to write a compelling copy?

Compelling copy is both catchy and effective.

It does not even have to be long, but it has to hit the target.

Here are some great tips for writing compelling copies:

  • Make it emotional

What many business people don’t realize is that emotion is what actually sells. Think about how your customers would feel if they had your product or solution. Try to explain that exact feeling as best as you can.

  • Create urgency effect

If you showcase your product on the copy as an exclusive opportunity that could be wasted in the very next moment, it will be much easier to encourage people to buy. Phrases like “Soon out of stock”, “Last chance”, “Couple of pieces more”, and similar, encourage people to react quickly.

  • Offer a privilege

You can offer a discount or free shipping. Free shipping especially sounds tempting to customers because no one likes to pay extra.

Let’s take a look at the following example.

The design of this pop-up is very simple but effective.

And why is that?

It is because of the copy that offers a discount, but also gives the opportunity for subscribers to be among the first to find out all about the latest offers and upcoming sales.

Pro tip: Use power-words. These are actually highly effective words that evoke potential buyers’ emotions, desires, or other triggers that will make them respond to your offer much faster.

Choose the right words depending on what you want to evoke in your customers.

Here are some examples.

  • Impatience: kickstart, quick-start, now, start…
  • Greed: bonus, budget, affordable, free, never, sale…
  • Happiness: inspiring, motivational, light…
  • Exclusivity: first, popular, hidden, reveal, sneak-peak…

These are just a few examples, but words like these can be the backbone of your high converting copy!

Best practices for designing your pop-up

For a pop-up to attract attention, its design should be visually appealing.

With a few examples of best practices, we will more easily explain this essential feature of successful pop-ups.

Urgency and countdown element

This pop-up window creates the urgency effect we’ve talked about a while ago, with one of the power-words “Hurry!” and a countdown timer.

If we removed the contrasting CTA button and the numbers in vibrant colours, we would actually get a pretty simple pop-up in pastel blue. But then it just wouldn’t be that effective, would it?

Highlighting certain parts more is a smart thing to do, and that’s most important when it comes to the call-to-action button. With the help of such a button, it is absolutely clear to visitors what they need to do.

Emotional impact and privilege

Emotion does not always have to be directly related to sales, which will become more clear as soon as you look at the following example.

It’s a simple design with a clear message. 

Design that fits perfectly with the store

Pop-up can look really professional when blended with the colour scheme and visual identity of the online store.

The following example from the Vans website illustrates just one such assembly.

Now let’s summarize the best practices when it comes to pop-up design.

  • Use different fonts and sizes.
  • Highlight the most important parts of the copy.
  • The CTA button should be in a contrasting colour.
  • Match the pop-up colours with the colours of the website itself or choose vibrant colours that will make it even more effective.

If you can’t decide between multiple pop-ups, take advantage of A/B testing.

This option will let you know firsthand what your visitors are best responding to, and what pop-up you should use from now on.

Explore helps you make the most out of your CRO efforts through advanced A/B testing, surveys, advanced segmentation and optimised customer journeys.

Test your insights. Run experiments. Win.
Or learn. And then win.

How to make an irresistible offer?

The most important thing that you have to do is to get to know your target group. 

You probably already know that, even before you start organizing your business, you need to create the ideal buyer persona.

In other words, you need to define the age range of your target group, what interests her, and similar.

Only in this way will you be able to determine the tone of communication with potential customers and the privileges that will be able to bring you more sales.

After determining who you are addressing, we should move on to the offer itself:

  • Make it clear and simple

Your offer should be presented in a clear way, without going into details. Avoid complicated words, especially professional expressions, and use everyday language.

No matter how short your copy is, the text must be readable.

  • Offer benefits

The offer should show the benefits you provide to the customers. It can be a discount, a coupon, a gift with an order, some action in which by purchasing two products you get a third one free of charge, and similar.

Remember, the benefits must be in line with what you are selling and they have to bring you more revenue rather than bear the expense.

And of course, your offer needs to meet the expectations. You don’t want to disappoint the audience.

  • Include the CTA button

The CTA button is an indispensable part of your irresistible offer. It is up to you whether you decide to write something as simple as “Accept,” and “Want,” or “Yes, I want my discount immediately!“. Test and see which engages your target audience the best.

As before, we will illustrate this with one practical example.

This is a pop-up that appears on the Green Mountain Mustard website whenever visitors leave your site.

As you can see, all the rules have been followed, and just below the CTA button, we can see the humorous addition of “No thanks. I would rather eat ketchup.”

That is another good idea to consider.

Some buyers will find this way in which the seller accepts “rejection” very cute, and decide to make a purchase.

Creativity is an important part of every  marketing strategy and pop-ups are no exception.

So, think in multiple directions!

Use the human element to improve conversions

Although the potential of using the human element may not come to mind to many, now that you hear about this strategy, we believe you will never be able to forget it.

The question is, what the human element actually entails?

In this age of technology, where we are surrounded by different devices like computers and phones and automation processes, people need a human element.

By involving people in testimonials, exit popups, or simply portraying your team, you build trust and have closer contact with potential customers.

And how to use the human element on pop-ups?

Simply add a picture of some person that is relevant to your target group, the products you sell, and the pop-ups themselves.

Check out the following pop-up:

This is another example from the Revolve website popup.

We see a model here wearing products from the ecommerce store itself, and we can immediately imagine ourselves in those clothes. People connect with people even when there are only pictures.

Imagine the same pop-up, but with only a nicely decorated photo of the dress and these shoes.

The effect wouldn’t be the same, would it?

This is why the human element is of great importance. Allow people to connect with you, and they will put their trust in you gladly.

The bottom line

These strategies are easy to apply, and they can produce great results very quickly.

By the examples above, you could also conclude that some of the largest websites regularly use them to expand their mailing lists and reach their conversion goals.

Using these tips will enable you to take advantage of the potential of pop-ups, and after seeing the first results, they will surely become a mandatory part of your overall business strategy!