All of the efforts to persuade visitors to add items to their cart and complete the order can easily drain one’s energy. YES, it takes a lot of work to optimize a website and make it relevant for its visitors. The Cart Abandonment Rate(CAR) should help you monitor your conversion rate optimization actions on-site and know where to act.
Facts on CAR


CAR = [1 – (number of completed transactions/ ‘add to cart’ clicks)]
This indicator reveals the amount of visitors who had the intention to complete the purchase, but ended up by NOT doing it. The industry’s average Cart Abandonment Rate is 69, 71% according to a Baymard Institute’s study. The statistics reveal that 1 out of 5 visitors complete the purchase right after they have added items to their cart.
High values of CAR reveal that there is place for improvements on your cart page or that you need to readjust your delivery and returns policy according to your customers feedback. Here are some methods to get an explanation for a high CAR:
  • On-exit surveys: ask your visitors what is their reason to NOT complete the order
  • A shopping cart recovery system: it works for visitors who have already made at least one transaction or subscribed to your data base. Such a system requires capturing the e-mail address to send a relevant offer or incentive for completing the transaction.

ecovery system

Source: Betaout

The methods to improve CAR:

  1. A/B testing on the Cart Page
  2. Best Practices: display and emphasize information concerning delivery, shipping costs and returns policy before the checkout process begins. Find out more here.
  3. Web Personalization: address with an exit pop-up to offer discounts, vouchers, loyalty points or any other gift, to give information or to capture leads
This article treats the third method to lower CAR, so here is a list of benefits to approach visitors and customers with personalized & dynamic content through creative pop-ups:
  • you will be able to negotiate with your website’s visitors
  • you can personalize the customer’s experience without freaking him out
  • it’s going to be easier to persuade visitors to convert on the cart page

How can pop-ups lower CAR?

Even if you find pop-ups annoying, they’re effective when done right. In the end, if a tactic generates more money for your business and makes it successful, what’s the point in not using it?

For the e-commerce websites, pop-ups can be used to achieve the following purposes:

– to offer promotional discounts in unexpected moments

Copywriting plays a vital role in this phase, too. The pop-up’s message has to be clear and to reveal the exact benefits for the customer. Here are a few examples of exit pop-ups used with a promotional purpose:

Promotional Pop up example

‘Rent the car now for a 10% discount’ is the message of this exit popup that has been used in one of Omniconvert‘s customer’s promotional campaigns.

Pop-up promotional 2


Real time interaction
– to give more information about the items added in the cart
Omniconvert’s technology allows users to use On-Page Variables to insert dynamic content in the web personalization experiments that use creative visuals such as pop-ups, ribbons, interstitials, etc. Learn more about how to use on-page variables here.
Find out more pop-up
The pop-up’s message: ‘Find out more about [category products]. Call us and talk to an expert!‘. This is another example from one of our customers, an e-commerce website that sells home&gardening products. The aim of using the pop-up was to offer assistance and advice to the customers who intended to buy tools for gardening.
This type of approach is useful for expensive or technical products that require some assistance in the buying process.

Make your own pop-up and gain more money with Omniconvert

In order to make an exit intent pop-up with Omniconvert, you need to follow the next steps.
Firstly, you have to upload your visuals into our platform:
1. Log into the dashboard and click “optimization” -> “creatives” -> “new creative”, then choose the pop-up option
2. In the new window choose “select file” and upload your custom design.
Exit pop-up How to
3. Use the image editor to make any necessary changes (such as adding a hyperlink)
4. Click “Final Step” and choose the desired options before clicking “Save Creative”
And then, you have to create the experiment:
5. After saving the new creative click “Experiments” on the left column -> “New Experiment” -> “Web Personalization” -> When the visitor wants to leave
6. Choose the pages that you want to include in the experiment -> “Next step”
7. Click “select or create creative” and choose from the list the name of the banner that you have previously created -> Next step
Exit pop-up How to
8. Choose which visitors you want to target and the display frequency for the pop-up  -> Next step
9. Toggle the blue line in order to decide how much of the total traffic will be involved in the experiment and then choose how many visitors will see the control version VS the pop-up. Here is an example where all the visitors of the website are included in the experiment:
Exit pop-up
And this is another example in which only 30% of the visitors are included in the experiment,. Also, 50% of them will see the control while the rest will see the pop-up:
Exit pop-up How to
10. Click “next step” and choose to schedule your pop-up. Finally, name your experiment.
Aaaand you’re done. 🙂
If you want to track clicks on a certain page, you need to do the following steps:
1. Click on “Experiments” -> “New Experiment” -> “A/B testing” -> Enter the desired URL for tracking clicks -> Load URL -> “Next step”
2. Click on “New variation” -> hover your mouse above a link you want to tract and make a right click -> choose on click and track clicks
3. Repeat the action for all the links on the page that you want to track -> Next step
4. Complete steps 8-10 from the pop-up walk through above
You will then be able to see the results of the experiments in your dashboard. Remember that you don’t need anything except installing the code on the website and designing the pop-up by yourself or asking somebody else to do it for you.

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