The recently published G2Crowd Report concerning the best conversion rate optimization tools has shown interesting information for the marketers who adopted CRO in their companies.

G2Crowd evaluates software products by customer satisfaction and scale. The customer satisfaction indicator is based on the users’ reviews, while the scale indicator is based on market share, vendor size, and social impact.

Based on these two criteria, G2Crowd created a chart with 4 categories.

CRO Report

Omniconvert is a High Performer, which means that it’s highly rated by the users, but haven’t yet achieved the market share of the products in the Leader Category.

The key takeaways of the report that are interesting for marketers who use CRO products are:

1. Users want strong variation testing

A/B testing is an invaluable tool for marketers to validate their conversion optimization ideas. As marketers, we need to take accurate decisions based on data, and A/B testing is the perfect method to do that.

2. Easy does it is a must

Users want an easy-to-use product that lets them run tests on their website using a What You See Is What You Get Editor. The WYSIWYG Editor lets you move elements of a page, edit content, add images and change any element of a page.

3. Feature variety is not good or bad

Marketers appreciate at conversion rate optimization software products, both targeted products that offer them a single tool and also a comprehensive package of tools or features. Omniconvert offers multiple CRO tools, including A/B testing, personalization, segmentation and user feedback surveys.

Omniconvert lets you create A/B tests either on your website’s pages or on the overlays that you launch. The A/B testing feature allows you to make changes through the WYSIWYG Editor, where you can make a variety of changes in various ways (drag and drop, HTML, CSS, etc.)

Unlike other tools out there, Omniconvert has the research part incorporated, which helps marketers create better testing hypotheses.

If you want to read more about the report, here is the link. To test our all-in-one CRO product, start a free trial. It lets you test all the platform, which means you don’t have any restriction regarding the use of the four features.

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