E-marketers are like test gamers: they have to test on a daily basis hypotheses in order to find out what are the weaknesses of  the “game” so they can transform them into strengths. Multivariate Testing is one way to do that.

MVT:does it?

Shortly, multivariate testing is a method that allows you to make changes to multiple elements on a webpage, so you can obtain multiple versions to test. After you decided how many versions do you want to test, you can randomly send them to your visitors. More useful would be to display these versions according to your traffic segmentation; you can customize by location or any other criteria that you used when you created your segments of traffic.

Given the fact that websites are build with so many elements, you may not know which ones really deserve to be tested. Chose to combine them using Multivariate Testing. Unlike an A/B test that allows you to change just one variable and obtain multiple versions(each version A,B, C…n is the result of only one change), MVT gives you the power to change minimum 2 variables/version and obtain multiple versions to test.


In order to find out if the Multivariate Testing is the right method to use in your Conversion Optimization Strategy, analyze the pros and cons of this kind of decision:

MVT pros:

  • It allows you to test multiple combinations of elements on your website
  • It allows you to isolate particular elements on a page and draw very specific conclusions
  • It delivers valuable data and insights concerning the user’s experience and behavior
  • It reveals how variables on one page interact and, moreover, how they affect each other
  • It removes the uncertainty of decisions concerning the conversion optimization strategy

MVT cons:

  • It requires a large amount of traffic in order to give significant results
  • Major layout changes are very difficult to implement
  • Setting up the test has restrictions that may limit your creative ideas

Letting all of these aside, you should know that the huge advantage of Multivariate Testing is that it provides data generated by real visitors. Using MVT allows you to test your ideas in order to find out how your visitors can get the best experience on your website. This way, you can improve your actions, because you’ve measured the impact of them through the test.

You don’t need to speculate what can you do to achieve your goals. Test your hypotheses and learn from your mistakes. Use the insights that Multivariate Testing generates so you can make your website beneficial for your users. Convert more based on science, not on speculations.