With the advent of the New Year, digital content marketers are reviewing their current PPC strategies and best practices so that they could start improving their overall performance in 2020. There are ample opportunities to consider revisiting the Paid-per-Click best practices and certainly more opportunities for implementing new stratagems and features into the paid search program. As per https://www.huffpost.com, in the world of digital marketing automation, there are a couple of big players in terms of attracting and driving website traffic: PPC advertising and SEO. There are numerous merits and some demerits of PPC  campaigns and technical SEO, however, is a perfect scenario, your business must include both seamlessly into your overall online marketing strategy. 

Search engine optimization entails a long process and thanks to algorithm updates integrated with high competition, it is prompting more and more organizations to effectively allocate a chunk of their digital marketing budget for PPC advertising. Pay per Click seems to be pretty alluring as it could quickly and easily attract and drive a hugely targeted audience to a website. The pitfall is that this would necessitate a tremendous amount of knowledge and a wide customer experience for doing it correctly. 

To do your PPC correctly you need to not only know the PPC best practices but you need to stay abreast of the PPC trends to watch what would dominate the digital marketing trends in 2020. Learn SEO tips from experts to gain more advantage in your New Year marketing strategy.

PPC Trend No. 1: Experimenting with Google’s Automated Features & Smart Bidding

As far as PPC is concerned, you would be looking for results and you would want them right now. However, you know that it would be taking some time and even patience to witness the benefits of the new features of automated Google ads. You need to experiment deliberately with all these automated features that Google would keep on introducing one by one for a specific time span. There are many powerful and brilliant automated tools and nobody would know precisely how searchers would be behaving on any Google page than Google. However, you must know that all automated stratagems would not be working for every campaign.

You need to test and that’s the difficult part. The automated stratagems that are provided by Google analytics would be taking some time for learning. You may start panicking if outcomes are worse. They probably would be worse but you must consider sticking to it for giving the automation adequate time for learning. It would not be taking the same amount of time for all accounts. The time taken would depend on your volume; however, you need to consider resisting the impulse to stop right after the very first indication of declining outcomes. You must necessarily stick to the testing pan of yours. You better be careful and do not test over one automated stratagem at a go. 

PPC Trend No. 2: Video Content & Video Ads for Selling Your Product

Nothing could be impacting the Internet like video. Nobody likes to go through boring paragraphs of information. Users simply want answers right away. Video advertising that you come across on YouTube seems to be less expensive and much easier than you think. Inserting an advertisement on YouTube could be a cost-effective and easy way of getting your brand or organization in front of your targeted prospects. YouTube is the second most frequently used search engine in the U.S.A. and so you could reach all your prospects right there. 

PPC Trend No. 3: Hyper-Specific Landing Pages for Fulfilling Highly-Specific Expectations of Consumers

Consumers are surrounded by the Internet wherever they go via wearables and home devices implying they have greater access to more data and information than ever. Since today it is quite common to use voice search, searchers are using relatively longer search phrases, this, making all their search queries far more specific in comparison to while typing it out.

For taking advantage of this transformation in consumer attitude and behavior, an incredibly valuable and popular trend seems to opt for hyper-specific landing page implementation. By generating many diverse, very precise landing pages, you would be bringing consumers precisely what they are looking for. 

For instance, when digital marketing experts added a landing page that was about ‘cystic acne’ to a client’s website that previously had a page regarding ‘acne’, they witnessed an instant boost in engagement and a lift in conversion rates. This PPC trend of utilizing hyper-specific landing pages boosts your website’s chances of achieving success simply because:

  • People would be converting more when the landing page is truly relevant to precisely what they are looking for.
  • Google ads are used to rewarding relevance. Remember if your ads, as well as, your landing pages are well-aligned to the queries of the searchers, your paid click prices would go down. 

PPC Best Practices in 2020

Review Your Budget

All advertisers must consider reviewing and evaluating their media budget distribution, including a social media budget. You could learn more regarding managing efficiently a small Paid-per-Click budget or for whatever budget you would like to consider: 

  • If you have utilized the entire planned budget for every digital account or PPC and even for each campaign. 
  • The campaigns with a poor performance that have effectively optimized all through the year.
  • Would there be extra traffic for capturing outcomes of the winning smart campaigns? We know that competitive metrics data could assist you and include click share, search impression share, etc. 

Mobile Customization

In several cases, we have seen that mobile ad traffic seems to have surpassed desktop as an efficient way of boosting your online brand awareness. PPC marketers who have failed to optimize for mobile may waste paid media budgets and lose opportunities for reaching their target audience. You may initiate by examining the exact volume of traffic that comes from mobile devices in terms of PPC. This valuable data could be analyzed effectively at the campaign stage for determining if you need to adjust the bid depending on the device. 


The digital marketing channel is dynamic and is constantly changing. Digital marketing experts are always staying abreast of the latest marketing trends and web developments. It is mandatory to remain up-to-date with cutting-edge tools, technologies, and stratagems for keeping PPC marketing campaigns running well. It is very much a competitive space so you would be hugely benefited by letting a professional tackle your PPC.