Apart from promoting your company, attracting potential customers, and engaging with your brand followers, one of the most important reasons for promoting your brand online is the conversion rate. This is where CRO comes in.

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is a system that helps increase the percentage of visitors to a website. These visitors then turn into customers once they perform the desired action on a webpage. It is a system that means a great deal to e-commerce businesses, whereby they promote products via paid search results, through SEO, and in social media ads, in order to get a higher conversion rate and thus increase their earnings through online sales.

How to Increase your Returns on Paid Search with CRO

If you would like to make the most of your paid search, here are some tips that you might keep in mind when applying CRO.

1. Reduce your page load time 

Did you know that the load time of your landing pages may also affect your conversion rate? Considering how much faster everything is nowadays, internet users prefer to get everything they are looking for in an instant. If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you could be losing up to half of your visitors. When it comes to loading time, literally every second count. Slower page responses can contribute to page abandonment, which in turn will affect your conversion rate.

2. Give your landing page a makeover to improve the visitor experience

Nobody wants to get a disappointing result from any search link they click on. Whether it’s from paid or organic search results, you will want to provide your visitors with a compelling, credible, and useful landing page that is easy to navigate. At the same time, your landing page must contain relevant content. Provide your visitors with what they actually need in relation to what they searched for. By improving your landing page, you get to lower your cost per acquisition (CPA). A lower CPA will then help increase your ad budget and in the end, improve your revenue.

3. Create more content

You know the catchphrase often used in raffles: the more you enter, the better your chance of winning! It is basically the same concept when it comes to improving your conversion rate. The more content you have, the more opportunities there are for you to show up on links. Rather than just creating more pages for your website, however, it’s also about creating long-form content for each of your pages. 

Content length has a profound impact on SEO. Long landing pages have higher conversion rates in specific industries. In order to rank higher in Google’s search results, you should look into creating pages with more content. Additionally, pages with longer content get to have more links.

4. Use CRO to determine the best landing pages for paid traffic

Make the most out of your paid traffic by identifying and using the best landing pages for all of your search links. This can be better achieved by using CRO. It can help you map out an effective journey for your site visitors, starting from when they click on your ad to having them browse through your website or, better yet, making a purchase.

When it comes to having the right landing page, you don’t necessarily have to create a new landing page from scratch. Just pick out the best page from among your existing pages and link it to the correct paid traffic. The best way for you to decide which page to link to your paid searches is by analyzing previous visits and identifying the most frequent clicks made by visitors. This way, you can create an informed decision on where to better direct users.

5. Compelling ad copy and landing page copy are a must

To be able to improve your conversion rate, it’s essential to create compelling content. To understand what content is compelling for your target audience, you can make use of customer surveys and reviews. Another excellent resource for your copy research is by going through comments and posts made by customers on various social media platforms. You can also make use of automation tools, such as an Instagram growth service, to help you strategically follow accounts on Instagram and gather more info on how your customers view your brand.

6. Use CRO to increase lead quality

For your business to grow, improving the quality of your leads is essential. The good thing is that CRO is already a tried-and-tested tool for various companies. Relying on your existing engagement and traffic, you can better identify which part of your social ads and SEO needs improvement.

How to get more from SEO with CRO

By implementing the right processes and properly using all of the data you have gathered via CRO, you can definitely make the most of your online marketing efforts. In order to be able to create the best strategies for your business, you will need to look into the following elements:

a. Content Quality. Better and more useful content means higher page performance and, thus, a better conversion rate.

b. Domain Authority. This search engine ranking score is developed to help predict how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). This is determined through a number of factors, which include linking root domains and numbers of total links.

c. Spam Analysis. This process can help you analyze whether your website has similar features to other websites. Having a high spam score does not necessarily mean that your website is spammy, but it does mean that you will need to conduct further research on the quality and relevance of your site.

d. User and Usage Data. This refers to the time a visitor has spent on your website.

With all of these considerations in mind, you should be able to create a more personalized system that will apply to your brand’s website. Optimizing your online marketing efforts will definitely help you improve your conversion rate.