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A few in-depth case studies of experiments performed with Omniconvert

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CLIENT Case Studies

14 months of A/B testing
46 experiments
39.13% win rate

6.27% uplift in the website revenue

61.40% uplift in ROAS against Facebook’s default targeting using Lookalike Audiences based on loyal customer segments

+69% in ROAS against Facebook’s default targeting

20% better ROAS for remarketing campaigns.

Over 38% winning tests and more than 200 ideas generated from different analyses

Over 200 visuals and over 100 A/B Test & Overlay experiments, infinite insights.

+22% boost in Conversion rate using Data Analysis, A/b testing, Interactions and Surveys.


+28.57% in the Conversion Rate
+46.21% in Revenue/user

+13.34% in Conversion Rate
+30.14% in Revenue/user

+25.17% in Conversion Rate
+29.58% in Revenue/user

+16.74% in Conversion Rate
+19.28% in Revenue/user

+7.65% in Conversion Rate
+11.53% in Revenue/user

+ 46.94% in Lead collection rate on desktop
+ 106.29% in Lead collection rate on mobile

A/B testing on homepage doubled conversion rates and generated incremental leads

A targeted Web Personalization increased the conversion rate by 96% on a product category page

A/B testing a hypothesis across 3 countries generated an overall 15.41% uplift in revenue

Learn how A/B testing the CTA resulted in revenue growth and higher conversion rates for F64

Happiness Barometer – How to successfully use gamification in your eCommerce

How surveys and redesign tweaks led to a 28% increase in conversions for a product category

Learn how Covera increased their conversion rates by 60% through Omniconvert

Objection treatment personalizations through Omniconvert Surveys led to a 51% uplift in conversion rates

How ING increased the lead generation rate by 20%

Using web personalization led to an increase of 67% of the add-to-cart rate

App downloads increased by 60% for mobile, using a web personalization

See how Provident increased the total number of leads by 25% through Omniconvert Surveys

A/B testing on product pages increased the Add to Cart rates by 18.2%

An exit personalization increased the revenue by 26% in a two week period

A/B testing increased leads by 30% from adjusting message copy in a contact form

The effective tweaker: 45% more applications with A/B testing on CTA button and copy

Price filter personalizations resulted in an increase of 66.75% in revenue for WatchShop

Learn how A/B testing a Reassurance Message resulted in a 25.18% uplift in conversion rates

How Wall-Street used on exit personalizations to increase newsletter sign-up rates by 279%