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A few in-depth case studies of experiments performed with Omniconvert

CLIENT Case Studies

The Lookalike Audiences based on the loyal segments of customers (Soulmates and Lovers) built with RFM have generated excellent results: a 61.40% uplift in ROAS against Facebook’s default targeting.

+69% uplift in ROAS, against Facebook’s default targeting using RFM-based lookalike audiences and 20% better ROAS for remarketing campaigns.

Over 38% winning tests and more than 200 ideas generated from different analyses

Over 200 visuals and over 100 A/B Test & Overlay experiments, infinite insights.

+22% boost in Conversion rate using Data Analysis, A/b testing, Interactions and Surveys.


A/B testing the CTA resulted in a 27.39% increase in revenue

A/B testing on homepage doubled conversion rates and generated incremental leads

A targeted Web Personalization increased the conversion rate by 96% on a product category page

A/B testing a hypothesis across 3 countries generated an overall 15.41% uplift in revenue

Happiness Barometer – How to successfully use gamification in your eCommerce

How surveys and redesign tweaks led to a 28% increase in conversions for a product category

Learn how Covera increased their conversion rates by 60% through Omniconvert

Learn how A/B testing the CTA resulted in revenue growth and higher conversion rates for F64

Objection treatment personalizations through Omniconvert Surveys led to a 51% uplift in conversion rates

How ING increased the lead generation rate by 20%

A/B testing on product pages increased the Add to Cart rates by 18.2%

Using web personalization led to an increase of 67% of the add-to-cart rate

App downloads increased by 60% for mobile, using a web personalization

See how Provident increased the total number of leads by 25% through Omniconvert Surveys

An exit personalization increased the revenue by 26% in a two week period

A/B testing increased leads by 30% from adjusting message copy in a contact form

The effective tweaker: 45% more applications with A/B testing on CTA button and copy

Learn how A/B testing a Reassurance Message resulted in a 25.18% uplift in conversion rates

How Wall-Street used on exit personalizations to increase newsletter sign-up rates by 279%

Price filter personalizations resulted in an increase of 66.75% in revenue for WatchShop