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How surveys and redesign tweaks led to a 28% increase in conversions for a product category


Luxury Goods & Jewelry

BONIA Malaysia is an international luxury brand renowned for their trademark quality in leather goods that distributes their premium products all over Asia.

The Challenge

Too many CTAs on their homepage distracted users from the desired journey. Find out which elements they tested to increase their conversions by 218%.

Summary of results

Increase in CTR Women watches of 200% and a 218% conversion rate increase; Increase in CTR Men Watches of 150% and a 176.12% conversion rate increase; Increase in CTR of 17.65% for purses and a 25% conversion rate increase; Increase in CTR of 33.33% for wallets and a 40% conversion rate increase; Statistical relevance of over 97% in each goal measured;

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