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Omniconvert + Elumynt = +61.40% ROAS on Acquisition vs. Meta’s Default Targeting

Client Case Study – Sparkle in Pink


Sparkle in Pink is a family-owned business located in Utah, US. They provide a vast selection of children’s clothing and costumes at affordable prices. Sparkle In Pink was founded in October 2011, and it soon became a team of 70+ employees shipping out thousands of orders daily. They’re a global online retailer, shipping their products internationally.

The Challenge

The challenge was at the acquisition stage. Elumynt (Sparkle in Pink’s Agency) needed to find scalable prospecting audiences at a higher efficiency than they found in the Facebook platform alone and with the tools they had at their disposal. Their main goal for the Facebook/Instagram platform via ads was to drive new customer growth.

Summary of results

The Acquisition campaign using Reveal’s Audiences launched on July 13th and continues to run using 10% of Sparkle in Pink’s cold prospecting budget. The Lookalike Audiences based on the loyal segments of customers (Soulmates and Lovers) built with RFM have generated excellent results: a 61.40% uplift in ROAS against Facebook’s default targeting.

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