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How ING increased the lead generation rate by 20%



ING Bank Romania is part of the ING Group, a Netherland-based financial institution. It covers banking services and assets management for individual clients, companies and institutions in over 40 countries from Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

The Challenge

ING wanted to increase the number of leads for their loan products that were collecting leads through various LPs and different application forms. By using user research, ING has identified that one of the biggest barriers their users have in order to fill in the credit application form was the concern that they will not be able to qualify. Download the case study to find out how they have used Omniconvert to run qualitative research to eliminate guessing from their work and then A/B testing to identify a better converting landing page.

Summary of results

The number of leads increased by 20%; Click-through rate increased by 60%;

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