How MeliMelo increased their add-to-cart rate using web personalization


Omniconvert won the Silver Badge at the Overlay/Pop-up Category​ with this experiment at “2015 Online Testing Awards” offered by Which Test Won​.


1. Company


MeliMelo is the largest network of fashion and jewelry stores in Romania. MeliMelo now has thirty three offline shops in Romania, two in Moldavia and one in Bulgaria. The company was founded in 1998 by Hubert Larmaraud and Stephane Dumas in Bucharest.


The online apparel and accessories retail industry has grown, in just two years, from 44.9 billion dollars revenue to 60 billion dollars in 2015. Statistics predict even a bigger increase in revenue in the next years: from 68,2 billion in 2016 to 86,4 in 2018. Keep in mind these numbers are only in the United States, the global industry is even higher.





2. Experiment goal


MeliMelo is popular for its offline stores. Although the brand is popular, for many years women were visiting the stores to purchase accessories. Therefore, MeliMelo had to change the old habits and encourage people to purchase online. Even if they trusted the company, they had to trust the website. The company decided to approach conversion rate optimization to cover an essential need: increasing their market share.


Thus, the goal of this experiment was to increase the customer’s trust in the MeliMelo brand and encourage them to buy the products online from the company’s website.  The purpose was optimizing the bottom end of the sales funnel.


3. Hypothesis


Considering the purpose of this test, MeliMelo created the experiment based on the following hypothesis: If we show visitors reasons to trust the MeliMelo website and the benefits of online purchasing then they’d begin adding more items to the shopping cart.


4. Activation


In each eCommerce funnel, there are different barries that stop the visitors to proceed to the next step and go toward the final conversion: buying a product.


For example, on the home page, visitors want to find a product and you have to make the search process easy and accurate. Improving the search field and testing several versions, it’s a common idea to optimize the homepage.


In this particular case, MeliMelo wanted to address visitors in the next funnel phase: on the product page. Regarding users that are on the product page we know:

  • they know what they want to buy;

  • they want details about the product;

  • they want to know they can easily return the product;

  • they are sensitive with the delivery policy and delivery time.


Considering all these pain points, we created a personalized pop-up detailing the returning policy, free delivery within specific location and two-days delivery:


5. Methodology


Traffic segment: We segmented the visitors by their location: visitors coming from big cities of Romania, Bulgary and Moldavia.


Traffic split: 50% of the traffic was exposed to the benefits pop-up, while 50% was on the control page, without the pop-up.


Device type: only desktop devices.


6. Results

MeliMelo managed to increase shopping cart entries by 67.61% using Omniconvert to conduct the experiment.


The experiment got an award at the “2015 Online Testing Awards” offered by Which Test Won. Omniconvert won the Silver Badge at the Overlay/Pop-up Category.


“We’ve never seen anything like this. We thought the pop-up, although potentially distracting, was a lot of fun. And, it was very neat that the information within the pop-up was personalized to the user, based on their location.”

Which Test Won Jury, 2015


7. Key takeaways

Location segmentation can help you create personalized messages for visitors and give them reasons to buy your products.


You should optimize to create long term relationship with customers that have chosen your products and services from the crowded eCommerce market. The customer experience must be the core of any optimization process. Focusing on developing meaningful relationships instead of marking money the main goal, will increase visibility and strengthen your eCommerce business.


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