How Provident got 25% extra leads from the same traffic using surveys



Provident specializes in Home Collected Credit (HCC) and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Out of an estimated 3 million people who borrow from home credit providers, 1.8 million place their business with Provident Financial, giving the company an estimated 60% market share.

Opportunity: wanted to generate more leads on their website. As we always do, we checked Google Analytics to investigate the data and customers' behavior. We realised there’s a high number of people who left the website without completing the lead form.


Google Analytics only shows the quantitative data from your website. Given the situation, we decided to use surveys and ask visitors about the type of loan they needed. At the end of the survey, they were invited to leave their contact information.

The surveys were created so that the website could see the main customers' needs but also in order to contact the people and give them personalized services based on their survey answers.


The exit-intent surveys with branching logic and lead capturing were a success:

  • ​+25% more leads on the same amount of traffic


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