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A/B testing made easy.

Test your strategies. Plan your experiments. Prepare to optimize. Enjoy the conversion. And get sales, sales and sales…

*30 days FREE trial. Web Personalization, Website Overlays, Surveys and Advanced Segmentation included.

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Test with the best A/B testing segmentation engine

Our powerful segmentation engine allows you to improve your UX, test product features and increase engagement & conversions.

You can mix and match any of the 40+ segmentation parameters that show you who your visitors are, where they come from, what pages on your website they’ve visited before, what products they viewed, from what campaign they landed on your website to offer a unique and relevant experience to each visitor.

A laptop and a tablet displaying a website for a water purification company, undergoing AB testing.

Run A/B tests on any type of device

Long gone are the days of desktop-only optimization. Mobile is getting more traffic than desktop. With Omniconvert, you can create A/B tests for your visitors regardless if they’re on tablet, mobile or desktop. You can also choose to run certain experiments on mobile or desktop only.

*30 days FREE trial. Web Personalization, Website Overlays, Surveys and Advanced Segmentation included.

Both! Yes, Omniconvert is the only A/B testing platform that uses both Bayesian or frequentist algorithms. All users can choose to have their data interpreted by either of the two statistical algorithms, or by both at the same time! This is easily done by choosing the preferred setting from a dropdown list in the platform. If you chose to use both algorithms simultaneously, you’ll receive two different data sets. From our testing, we have noticed that the differences between Bayesian and frequentist are under 1%.

Absolutely! Split testing as defined by the activity of sending traffic to two versions of the same page, each with a different URL, can be easily implemented with the help of Omniconvert using the A/B testing editor available on the platform. With Omniconvert you can even split test between more than two versions of the same page. So you can easily compare 5 different designs in the same time for example and see which one of them converts best.

Unlike other A/B testing tools, Omniconvert will not delete your test data after a time. Your data is safe with us…even if you have a free account! No need to worry that after a few months you won’t be able to access your test results anymore. We will delete your data only if you specifically ask us to.

Yes, Omniconvert has an integration with Google Analytics so you can choose to export all the data in your tests to your Analytics account. This way, you’ll be able to see the exact amount of traffic and conversion rate for each variation of your test. This is done by using the following Analytics events, to which Omniconvert sends data: eventCategory, eventAction, eventType.

Regardless of the plan you choose, the tested views that you’re going to pay are considered to be all the impressions of your A/B tests (or other type of experiment) that a user is involved in. Regardless if the user sees the control or the variation of an A/B test, it still counts as a tested view and it will be added to your monthly tally.

Although Omniconvert features an intuitive and easy to use WYSIWYG editor that allows for creating the majority of A/B tests, sometimes you need to go the extra mile and implement custom pieces of code. Omniconvert is fully prepared for this scenario, allowing users to implement their own code directly in the editor. This advanced features is recommended for users that are experienced coders.

Although regular A/B testing and even A/B/n testing is done by equally splitting the traffic among the control and each variation, we fully understand that there are some scenarios where users need flexibility in terms of traffic allocation. This is why Omniconvert offer full control over the traffic allocation setting on all A/B tests. So for example, you could start an experiment where the control gets 0% of the total visits while variation 1 gests 50% and variation 2 also 50%. Is up to you and your needs to decide how the traffic is split.

Of course! We have a very responsive support team that can guide you along the way to creating your very first A/B testing experiment. Just use the blue conversation bubble on the website or within the platform in order to get in touch with them. Furthermore, if you run out of A/B testing ideas, you can check out our Conversion Vault which is packed-full with ideas that have been proven to work. In order to access the Conversion Vault just click on the link on the right hand side of the dashboard, after you log in.

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