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Welcome to CVO Live!

eCommerce growth happens only if the company nails all the customer lifecycle phases, from Acquisition to Conversion, and then to Retention. 

Valentin Radu will share how to nail Customer Value Optimization with his guests – A-level experts, professors, book authors, and practitioners. 

If you’re hungry for more clarity, direction, and confidence in uncertain times, check out what we’re doing at CVO Live.

For our next CVO Live episode, we’ve managed to rope in a guest who’s nothing short of a technological superhero: Ronny Kohavi, Vice President and Technical Fellow, fluent in Data Science, Engineering, AI, Machine Learning, and Controlled Experiments.

He and Valentin Radu will discuss:

  • The principles and challenges of being customer-centric and data-driven;
  • The value of CLV as a metric;
  • The role of A/B testing in decision-making;

And if you’re hungry for more clarity in your experimentation game, you’re on the right track!

Ronny and Valentin will also look at the initial cost and unfamiliarity associated with running experiments but highlight the value gained from a robust experimentation platform.

Are you ready?

Save your seat and clear your schedule for Thursday, June 1st, starting at 4 PM CEST!

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CVO Live Past Episodes

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