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Welcome to CVO Live!

eCommerce growth happens only if the company nails all the customer lifecycle phases, from Acquisition to Conversion, and then to Retention. 

Valentin Radu will share how to nail Customer Value Optimization with his guests – A-level experts, professors, book authors, and practitioners. 

If you’re hungry for more clarity, direction, and confidence in uncertain times, check out what we’re doing at CVO Live.

Whoever gives more value to the customers wins.

Valentin thinks he’ll be a lifetime fan of the customer lifetime concept.

Join Valentin Radu & Lucy Heskins on the next session of the CVO Live.

They will be discussing the bigger picture and why using Jobs to be done is effective in connecting your products with customers. 

We don’t buy things at random, we hire – and fire – products to make progress in life. Compared with buyer persona, the Jobs to be done gives you much more insights on the reason why someone would buy your products.    

And even more, you know what’s important or what’s holding them back. 

During the session Lucy will talk about how to apply Jobs to be done in marketing while also sharing examples from her experience.

About Lucy Heskins

Lucy works with startups and marketing teams to help create products customers want to buy. She’s the director of Oh Blimey, a resource for early-stage startups, and has worked in both product and marketing roles within the B2B SaaS, services, and marketplace space.

The CVO Academy helps you tap into the most common problems an eCommerce can have and give you the educated boost you needed to solve them and grow.

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If you think you have strong views towards eCommerce Customer Value Optimization, then we’re excited to meet you live!

We’re a team of people that want to empower marketers around the world to create marketing campaigns that matter to consumers in a smart way. Meet us at the intersection of creativity, integrity, and development, and let us show you how to optimize your marketing.

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