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Welcome to CVO Live!

eCommerce growth happens only if the company nails all the customer lifecycle phases, from Acquisition to Conversion, and then to Retention. 

Valentin Radu will share how to nail Customer Value Optimization with his guests – A-level experts, professors, book authors, and practitioners. 

If you’re hungry for more clarity, direction, and confidence in uncertain times, check out what we’re doing at CVO Live.

Ready for another 🔴CVO Live episode?

You better be – this week we’re joined by Dan Gingiss – recognized as a Top 50 Customer Service Expert and a Top 20 Global Customer Experience Expert.

Dan Gingiss is not your average customer experience consultant; he’s a dynamic keynote speaker and a seasoned expert who has honed his craft at renowned companies like McDonald’s, Discover, and Humana.

With his extensive 20-year background in marketing and customer experience, Dan has become a recognized authority on creating unforgettable customer experiences that ignite word-of-mouth marketing.

Join the LIVE episode and learn how to create customer experiences that make people fall in love with your brand!

Register to get the LIVE link, and see you Thursday, September 14th, starting at 4 PM CEST!

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The CVO Academy helps you tap into the most common problems an eCommerce can have and give you the educated boost you needed to solve them and grow.

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CVO Live Past Episodes

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