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Every two weeks on Fridays, Valentin Radu, CEO at Omniconvert, and Dennis Yu, CTO at BlitzMetrics, go live to show you advanced eCommerce tactics.

The hosts of our interactive live webinars are here to help you level up your eCommerce game when:

– Your eCommerce business stopped growing
– Your business model isn’t working anymore
– You’re running out of ways to tweak your store
– Your best tricks are no longer generating results
– You’re new to eCommerce and want to learn the game
– You can’t spot opportunities and threats in your data

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Ecommerce Growth Stories Past Episodes

If you like the eCommerce Growth Stories and want to see or hear the past episodes, here’s the full collection.

The game of eCommerce is changing, and so are the tactics to acquire more customers using paid media channels. Dennis Yu and Valentin Radu shared some great insights that you might find useful about using creatives to improve customer acquisition.

Having better creatives will start to be a lot more important than targeting the right people because channels like TikTok have algorithms that are mostly focused on how well the content satisfies the user while using the app. Dennis Yu and Valentin Radu shared their thoughts on why TikTok ads can be profitable for eCommerce businesses and how to reach profitability with great content.

eCommerce marketers are trying to achieve great results but are neglecting many aspects of the market and the audience. Valentin Radu and Dennis Yu described more of the common lies that eCommerce marketers are telling themselves and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

eCommerce marketers are trying to achieve great results but are neglecting many aspects of the market and the audience. Valentin Radu and Dennis Yu described some of the common lies that eCommerce marketers are telling themselves and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

As ROAS keeps going lower and lower due to iOS updates and the beginning of the cookieless era, demand generation is becoming harder and harder for eCommerce businesses nowadays. In this episode, Valentin Radu and Dennis Yu talk about ways to improve demand generation while having CLV in mind.

To run a business and be the leader of a whole organization requires more than just management skills.

You need to be able to picture the future you want to create and then figure out ways to share your vision with every employee that chooses to believe in you and your idea of what the future should look like.

Valentin Radu and Dennis Yu shared their thoughts and experiences on how to craft a great entrepreneurial mindset and become a better leader for your company.

Valentin Radu and Dennis Yu shared their wisdom on prioritization traps in eCommerce, employee journey vs company journey vs customer journey, the eCommerce Growth formula, and about the agency game in the future.

Valentin Radu and Dennis Yu shared amazing insights on how to survive in the cookieless era, how iOS 14 and 15 is shaping the future, Facebook ads, and more.

Dennis Yu and Valentin Radu kicked off the start of a new season of eCommerce Growth stories to share even more valuable insights on how to grow an eCommerce in a constantly changing era of no cookies and low ROAS.

Rachel Jacobs, the founder of Ecommerce Partnerships, is the industry leader in helping eCommerce agency owners across the globe step away from the day-to-day of running their agency so they can focus on growth. Rachel is accelerating growth for eCommerce agencies and we want to hear all about it, so we invited her this Thursday to listen to her story.

Lisa Popovici is the co-founder of Cartloop, a conversational SMS marketing app for eCommerce brands. She’s a Med School graduate turned to tech, an entrepreneur with over 6 years of eCommerce experience, now bringing the in-store experience online, one text message at a time. She’s sharing her message about conversational e-commerce this Thursday and we are eager to hear it!

Steen Rasmussen stands out in the field of digital marketing and analytics because he has a much more commercial focus than you normally expect in an analytics nerd. He is very much into big thinking, networking, community building and he’s absolutely not afraid to share every single thing he knows. So this Thursday is going to be a feast of information about legendary data analytics!

Lucas Walker is a serial entrepreneur with three successful businesses in the software, eCommerce, and media spaces, working on bootstrapped and venture-funded companies. There is nobody with the experience he has and we are proud to have him as our guest this Thursday to talk about what is happening in this crazy era of eCommerce.

Srdjan (aka Serge) is the Chief Marketing Officer at Crossrope, a fast-growing fitness brand on a mission to inspire millions of people to get fit in a fun, different and affordable way with their highly rated jump rope system. He is coming up this Thursday to shed some light on how exercising is done differently with Crossrope and what we can learn from it.

Debbie Mecca is currently the Director of Marketing for a family of Shopify apps such as Trackify X, Product Customizer, In Cart Upsell, and more, at LTV SaaS Growth Fund. She is also the Founder of Causeway 305, a Shopify marketing agency. We will pick her brain this Thursday about our favorite topic, Customer Lifetime Value, and how she sees it unfolding in today’s eCommerce.

Andreas Düss is one of the founders of Nourish Food Marketing, Canada’s only full-service marketing agency specializing in working with food and be clients. He is also part of the team of founders behind the Boreal Botanical brand and we are meeting him this Thursday to see how they are bringing the world’s first RTD product brewed from medicinal mushrooms to market.

June Li is the Founder and CEO of ClickInsight, where she helps growth-minded marketing and business leaders unlock hidden potential with data to elevate measurable impact. With a diverse career spanning digital analytics, marketing, logistics and manufacturing, June founded ClickInsight in 2005, after over 20 years at Petro-Canada and Gulf Canada. We have the pleasure of meeting June this Thursday to uncover hidden potential with data.

Greg and Chris Meade and their childhood friend Mike Delpapa had the idea of merging four square and volleyball into a new sport. CROSSNET is the world’s first four-way volleyball game, combining elements of the childhood game four square and volleyball in a competitive game to 11, win by 2. We are meeting Chris Meade this Thursday to understand how CROSSNET is taking over the world – and how they will officially air on ESPN this August.

Katelyn Glass, Founder and Managing Partner of Fifty Six Advising, has spent the past 12+ years of her professional career leading the digital transformation for multiple firms serving in various change management roles for high-end retail and consumer brands. Today, she is coming to our show to talk about how she sees the ecommerce scene changing and evolving and what are the most sustainable strategies ecommerce companies should consider.

Daniela Marquez and Joe Vega from Lovingly are helping to bring the “in shop” flower buying experience into the online world and they are coming to the Ecommerce Growth Stories to tell us all about it.

Peter is the CEO of Searchspring. He has over 16 years of experience in the retail and technology space, most recently as COO of GroupBy. Previously, he co-founded Austin Kayak and was CEO and President of Summit Sports, leading both the digital and brick and mortar sides of the business. Peter has also held leadership roles at Dell and Home Depot and is regarded as one of the leading retail technology minds in the digital commerce space.

Chase acquired 1M+ community members via non-paid acquisition and has driven 50M+ in revenue for eCommerce brands since June 2018. This Thursday we are talking about the changes in the eCommerce space and how email is gaining more and more influence every day.

Alex McEachern is a retention/loyalty enthusiast, Disney nerd, and diehard basketball fan. He is the Brand Marketing Manager at Loop Returns, a previous Shopify brand owner, and the Co-Host of The Exchange (a podcast on retention).

In 2017, Jules and Stacey decided to do something big to save their family legacy and started brainstorming about creating something that spoke to everything they had learned. In 2018, they launched their company OME Gear® (Ocean + Mountains = Earth®) and started to redesign the products they were selling ever since the 90s. They raised investment money from friends and family, successfully funded on Kickstarter, and are now ready and excited to launch their flagship product, The Wanderr®, into the world. In this episode, we are going to learn more about OME Gear and the history of this brand but also how Jules and Stacey are innovating their vertical.

Drops, spills, scratches, and surges… when life happens, Mulberry Technology is there with comprehensive coverage that protects your purchases for the long haul. In this episode, Jordan Garner is coming to chat with us about this forgotten but essential part of the overall customer experience while shopping online.

Tribe Beauty Box serves as a DTC marketing and advertising channel for the brands they partner with.
Through their boxes, consumers discover new products they can adopt as staples. They also go above and beyond by educating consumers about the various trends in the beauty industry. In this episode we are talking to the founder Bili Balogun about how she wants to change the narrative of inclusion in the beauty industry, one box at a time.

Alina Cazacu, DigitalKitchen.ro, and Cristi Movila, VTEX.ro, a fire chat about “everything commerce”. What are the benefits of working with companies that can offer you 360 degrees options and features? What are some of the most challenging projects one can work for in ecommerce? Case studies you will (definitely) learn from!

Kelly has worked with hundreds of retailers and property groups globally to develop their digital marketing, channels and platforms, connecting online and offline and ultimately driving a deeper connection to the consumer and higher conversions. We are meeting with her to learn more about how she founded ShopYou and how is she redefining virtual shopping experiences.

Being an athlete and international professional footballer, Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu understood the importance of good health. Having experienced the value nutrition can offer in helping recovery and performance at an early age, supporting optimal health naturally with key raw ingredients, Thomas founded and launched The Turmeric Co. in 2018.

Having successfully navigated a professional football career that has led him to play in the Premier League and at an international level, making healthy life choices became pivotal in allowing him to maintain optimum levels of performance and health.

These healthy lifestyle choices became a personal commitment, and The Turmeric Co. is an extension of that. Seeing an opportunity to impact the lives of others positively, Thomas founded The Turmeric Co., a commitment to bring good health through natural nutrition beyond that of friends and family but also to the world.

The Turmeric Co. is now one of the U.K.’s fastest-growing health brands, with their unique range of turmeric shots, offering completely natural convenient nutritional innovation to all.

Adam cut his teeth in eCommerce at 17 years old working with the fastest-growing sports nutrition retailer in the UK over 14 years ago. Since then, he’s achieved his dreams of being a kindergarten teacher, living in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and doing his stint as a freelance digital marketer across Europe, Israel and Asia. After returning to the UK 4 years ago, Adam has owned – and failed – with his own store, before applying his learnings to setting up his niche email marketing agency for eCommerce brands, Magnet Monster, which has seen great results using innovative strategy and world-class design for fast-growing D2C brands.

Tyler Sullivan is the founder of BombTech Golf, an eCommerce store with over $20 million sold online since 2012. Tyler also runs EcomGrowers where he and his team have helped countless Shopify owners add 6-7 figures in additional sales to their eCommerce stores by optimizing email systems and ad campaigns to find hidden revenue streams. Over the years Tyler has come to learn the formula for running successful and profitable eCommerce businesses. He believes that even with online companies there is huge value in having real conversations with customers and potential buyers. Tyler is hyper-focused on the customer experience and operating a lean business that doesn’t just drive revenue but drives serious profit and cash flow.

When Jordan West was 23, he decided to buy a Taco Del Mar restaurant… He knew he had made a huge mistake at 2pm the first day when only 3 customers had walked in… (and two of them were his parents).

For 5 years, Jordan worked hard to grow sales every way he could think of and in the end, tripled their revenue which still didn’t seem to matter on the profit side. (He lost a lot of money.) The one thing that Jordan seemed to be the best at in the restaurant endeavour was the marketing and getting people in the door.

Fast forward to 2014 when his wonderful wife Carmen (his better half) started a modest baby clothing line and was selling at craft markets. He asked if he could test running a few ads on Facebook… and the rest is history. Jordan learned every up and coming strategy and tactic and helped grow the small start-up to a multi-million dollar company and still growing!

Over the years he has realized what he’s good at and what he’s not. What he’s good at… Marketing and helping others scale their businesses. Which leads him to now. In 2019 they started the podcast “secrets to scaling your e-commerce brand” which is now in the top 50 business/marketing podcasts in multiple countries including Canada and the United States.

With 9 years of experience in digital, social media and e-commerce, Miruna is coordinating the Mobexpert Digital Communication and Marketing department.
Miruna graduated from an Executive MBA program at IEDC Bled School of Management in Slovenia, in 2019.
Miruna has been part of the Mobexpert team for 6 years and she contributed to the company’s online communication & marketing strategy development by exploring all digital areas, social media, email marketing, PPC marketing, inbound marketing.
She started her career with WebDigital and MSL Group The Practice, where she built her knowledge of the digital domain by working for brands such as Samsung, Avon, Fashion Days and Redd’s.

Erica is a 26 year old fitness advocate from a small town in Ontario, Canada. She grew up working on horse farms, and developed an interest in fitness in 2017 shortly after graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University for psychology. She noticed there was a gap in the market for an improved version of a nostalgic treat – cookie dough.

This led to the development of Bro Dough and she bridged that gap, by creating a 100% vegan, plant-based, protein infused edible cookie dough that is lower in sugar. She wanted to take this treat and transform it into something individuals could enjoy without sacrificing their health or fitness goals.

This is the amazing story of a 26 year old entrepreneur building her brand in the highly competitive CPG industry.

In this episode we are talking to Aaron Spivak, a Canadian serial entrepreneur who co-founded Revitasize whe he was just 18 years old. Revitalize is an organic cold-pressed juice kitchen serving high-quality juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and a variety of vegan options.

Aaron co-founded a sleep improvement company called Hush Blankets together with Lior Ohayon, selling a product now considered to be Canada’s Most Popular weighted blanket. Aaron and Lior were most recently nominated in Forbes 30 under 30, for the Retail & Ecommerce Section. Aaron story is very inspirational, so make sure you check out this episode to learn more about how he grew his brand to 9 figures with a customer centric focused strategy.

Adam is an E-compreneur, currently the founder of Pet Collars, Australia’s most effective Pet ID company. From selling his show to Disney, to working with ESPN to being an ecommerce founder.

Running a personalized pet collars online shop, Adam has quickly found the most sustainable growth channel for his brand: Delivering value to his customers. Is he winning? Listen to this episode to find out his amazing story!

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