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Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategist



About the job

Hi there,

We are seeking an agile Conversion Optimisation Specialist to join our managed services team.

@Omniconvert, we’ve always been innovators, we love technology and premium services. We are now trendsetters one of the few Romanian companies who export technology.

In the last 8 years, we have helped thousands of websites generate more sales by improving their conversion rates and we have received numerous awards.

We’re on a mission to help 50K eCommerce companies understand, nurture, and delight their customers, in the next 5 years.

Also, what we stand for and how we act within Omniconvert is an important part of who we are. Watch here the story about our culture and values.

Job Description – Overview

Do you have a mind that is both analytical and creative? Are you fascinated by how people use products and technology? We are seeking a Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist who embraces the combination of form and function.

This role allows you to practice a strong understanding and hands-on experience with A/B testing, website analytics, and the UX conversion strategies & tactics that help drive performance and insights for our vast array of clients.

You’ll be working alongside a team of delightful designers, developers, and digital media professionals to help deliver optimisation programs for our clients.

The CRO Specialist is responsible for guiding the strategic success of our clients’ Conversion Optimisation (CO) and UX consulting engagements. Success will depend on the ability to enthusiastically and competently deliver on the following:

· Conversion & UX strategy – from data-driven ideation, execution, reporting, and analysis.

· Exceptional project management – from planning to delivery and continued growth

· Building strong relationships; establishing clear lines of communication with clients, partners, and internal staff members; and using problem-solving capabilities to assure flawless program execution to meet and exceed stated objectives.

· Demonstrating a passion for continuous learning, iterating, and improving; a sound understanding of the digital marketing landscape; a zest for research and an entrepreneurial spirit to improve processes– from planning to strategy to delivery.

· Successful collaboration with internal resources (including design, analytics, and development)

Role Responsibilities:

· Provide ongoing recommendations to help clients deliver on key metrics and KPIs, through continuous website testing and user experience improvements.

· Create and execute deliverables that help inform the ideal experiences for users. This could include items such as website audits, user journeys analysis, heuristic reviews.

· Help drive the success of client engagements, as the subject matter expert on a number of conversion optimisation & UX engagements. Understand the entire process: from KPI definition to execution to insight discovery.

· Assume accountability and ownership of program successes and failures for several client accounts

· Conduct UX research through both qualitative and quantitative methods.

· Be able to translate and communicate testing results and data-driven recommendations into an effective message, continually creating insights and value for clients.


  • 3 years of professional work experience in digital marketing
  • Strategic thinking – focusing on the actions that can bring desirable results
  • Good understanding of the digital marketing methods and principles
  • Experience with providing and holding presentations and performance reports for stakeholders
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (Romanian & English)
  • Positive attitude
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to work in multiple cross-functional teams, providing leadership or support when needed
  • The courage to challenge the status quo when logic and reason require it. See something broken? Fix it.
  • Flexibility – things change around here. FAST.
  • The intellectual horsepower to become an expert on eCommerce Growth and the curiosity to keep learning about all its intricacies for years to come


We pay our people based on the value they bring, not for the position they hold. We will take into account your abilities and the value you will bring to our team. So don’t worry, if you deliver, we will definitely find a way to make you owe us

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