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We know the hidden levers that turn visits into sales. We’ve been helping 10-digit eCommerce names convert for years.

What stands between your eCommerce and sales?

How about these suspects?

“I get traffic, just not sales.”

78% of businesses are not satisfied with their conversion rates.

“Why do they do that?”

73% of companies have no idea why people abandon their shopping cart

“I don’t know, but let’s try this.”

63% of marketers optimize their websites based on intuition and gut feeling

Can you optimize on your own? Yes, absolutely. We say our retention platform and data scientist is nothing short of amazing. There is a learning curve, as with anything. But you are up for some ride.

We could also do it for you. It will cut through loads of experimenting time on your own (think reinventing the wheel). Because CRO is what we do. Actually, more like what we live and breathe. And we love being in your corner.

The all-inclusive CRO Audit

First, we release our best data analyst on your Analytics account for the deepest insights. Think one-ring-to-rule-them-all deep. We’ll get them. Then we put our UX and CRO skills to work, and break, melt, and cast them into the most important growth opportunities for your business.

The all-you-can-grow idea buffet

Next, we come up with testing and improvement ideas that have the most potential to consistently lift conversion rates. Not just any ideas, though. They have to be right for your business. Which is why we get picky. A bit like putting together your own fellowship of the ring.

Action figures

This is where we turn ideas into results. Because without action, even the best idea can’t fly. Our third stage is our precious: here we implement all the testing ideas with surgical precision. We’ll constantly update you on the evolution and give you reports to impress your boss with.

What’s in it for you? Numbers going north. Like this:

Convert traffic into sales the expert highway.

"We used Omniconvert to increase our sales & conversion KPIs without extra costs with media advertising. Omniconvert helped us grow our expectations in terms of lead capturing & orders placed through the eShop."
Dragos Oprea
Project Manager at

Meet the conversion team

Matei Lungu Data Analyst

Matei is a senior web analytics specialist with over 10 years in the field. Google Analytics certified, works closely with GA and other analytics tools. He’s our master insight extractor, feeding applicable input into conversion increasing strategies.

Maria Caciur Head of Managed Services

Maria is our skyrocket-your-online-business-KPIs strategy guru. She’s been nurturing client relations, team management and business strategy for 15 years now. Her background is sociology and entrepreneurship. Addicted to optimization for life.

Cristi Lupu Tech Guru

With him on the team, there's no software challenge we can't handle. Cristi finds quick solutions to advanced development requests where others see none. Hence the title!

Mihai Mehedin UI/UX Designer

With a rich background in Marketing & Advertising, Mihai creates visually appealing elements that blend smoothly with the rest of our clients’ websites. His design contribution is key to successful optimization strategies.

Florin Nicola Front end developer

When things get technical dirty, Florin is the solution guy. He loves plunging into the nitty gritty HTML and CSS details that get marketers running with a vengeance.

Lucian Vaduva Quality Assurance

Any experiment implemented via Omniconvert is executed to perfection. That’s what hard to please Lucian is on. His seal of quality approval is about as easy to get as encouragement from the proverbial Italian mother. We like it that way.

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"Using Omniconvert we were able to show personalized messages based on the user"s profile, location and time of the day. We also ran different types of A/B tests, in order to test hypotheses about selling and buying moments."
Razvan Acsente
Europe CLM Group Expert Lead at