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Frequentist or Bayesian: Why choose, when you can have both?

While most companies, including Optimizely, offer you a single statistical model for analyzing and reporting, which is either Frequentist or Bayesian, we want to let you choose what works best for you.

So the alternative solution proposed by Omniconvert is to give you access to both of them. This way, after seeing the reports of your experiments using both models, you'll be able to decide which one is best for you.

How does segmentation affect my conversions?

No one likes to be treated “same as everyone”. You are no different, and your visitors aren’t either. Displaying the right content to the right groups of people is what often makes the difference between a sale and a no sale. 

It’s so easy to create segments based on who your visitors are, where they come from, what products they viewed, from which campaign they landed on your website or any winning combination you can think of. 


You can also use a push code to send to Omniconvert valuable info on existing clients from your database for an even more personalized website experience. There’s an example how you can use this below. 

Optimizely segmentation variables:

Omniconvert segmentation parameters:

The best segmentation to personalize your visitors’ experience

One size doesn’t fit all. You can now personalize the experience of different visitor segments with just a few clicks. 


While Optimizely free trial has 14 available variables you can mix and match, you will find three times that number with Omniconvert, such as Weather Condition, on site behavior, or custom variables from your database. There’s a full comparison of the features in the chart below.

Ad Campaign



Custom Javascript


IP Address



New/Returning Session

Platform / OS

Query Parameters

Referrer URL

Time/Day of Visit

Traffic Source

Referrer type

Referrer URL

Traffic Source

Weather temperature (Celsius)

Weather temperature (Fahrenheit)

Weather condition




Range around the city



Count goal conversions

Days since last conversion

Average revenue

Total revenue

Returning visitor

New visitor

Days since first visit

Days since previous visit

Count visits

Count page views in current session

URLs visited in current session

Time on site in current session

Viewed variation

Online visitors on the current page


UTM parameters







Custom attribute

onPage variable

GTM dataLayer attribute



IP address

Device type

Operating system

Browser name

Browser version

Browser language

Screen width

Screen height

Javascript variable

Internet Service Provider

SalesManago (3rd party)

SalesManago parameter

"Omniconvert is a great solution for those new to testing and personalization, and it has the advanced features to grow as the team becomes more sophisticated"

Brian Massey

Use cases for segmentation

Segment visitors by weather condition to grab their attention and interest. How’s this for a call to action on a dull, rainy day? 

Unlike most A/B testing and personalization tools such as Optimizely, Omniconvert helps you connect valuable data on existing clients with real time actions on your site. 

You can now display personalized offers based on the lifetime value or average order value of the visitor, without them having to be logged in:



VIP Clients see this

Non- VIP Clients see this

“The interface is really straightforward. I was able to have a play with it and set up an A/B testing before I received the actual training. The WYSIWYG is king in this tool - you can create page variations with drag&drop, with no HTML input needed. It's easy to use even if you're not an Analytics savvy, but just in case you are, you'll see that you have everything in hand even for complex segmenting and targeting. You'll have A/B tests and surveys ready in just minutes.”

Daniel Dumitru

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Provident

Intelligent and actionable surveys

Surveys are a valuable resource at your fingertips not only for gathering insights, but they also enable you to interact with visitors directly, through preset sets of questions triggered at certain points along your funnel. 

Guide your potential clients on the site, help them find what they are looking for and even overcome their objections when they occur, like you would if your website was a physical store. 

(Optimizely does not have a survey feature)

One of our clients selling lobster was looking for a solution to rescue some from the high number of visitors who were leaving the cart page before buying. And he found it. 

This is a one question survey displayed for visitors exiting the cart page, asking them why they won’t complete the order. Based on their answer, a different interaction is being triggered, meant to clear out any FAQ uncertainties. For example, visitors who were uncertain the lobster will be fresh due to shipping times and hot weather were displayed a reassuring message that Getmainelobster is using the best delivery services, and invites them to finalize the order.

From here on, they received a specific answer meant to treat each objection.

Here are some examples:

If they selected:

"The weather, I’m not sure it will be fresh upon delivery"

This personalization was shown so that they were made aware of fast UPS shipping that also had delivery notifications. In addition, the creative dissolved the worry objection and followed up with a clear Call To Action (CTA).

The results of this survey:

  • 51% increase in overall conversion rates on cart page 
  • 7% additional revenue from visitors leaving the site
  • 9% additional email subscribers

Smart Surveys Examples:

1. For treating objections

Display a one time question to figure out something regarding who your visitors are or what they might be looking for, so you can later personalize their shopping experience. 

Direct them straight to the info they need and provide a seamless visit on your site. 

For example, a visitor on a bank site looking for an education loan probably needs a different type of convincing than someone who wants to buy a new car or go on vacation. You can now better serve your potential clients’ needs by displaying the offers and info they are more likely to need, when making a choice between you and your competition.

2. For different buyer personas:

“Omniconvert is battling with 'giants' such as Optimizely, VWO, Convert, but it is doing it by innovating and solving users problem in a way the giants do not. I like the survey option and the ease of use of the software. Setting a campaign is a breeze and is easy to do even for junior users that can learn the tool quickly. Try it and you will love it!”

Ciprian Soleriu

Conversion Optimization Wizard at Conversion Academy

Optimizely offers the ability to use on page variables and other dynamic texts in your A/B experiments. With Omniconvert, you can also use them as eye grabbers in your overlays. 

Overlays with dynamic text

Some other variables you can play with are: the value of the cart, limited offer countdowns or 1st party data on existing clients.

*the number changes dynamically according to your website

26°C | 79°F


We were waiting for a conversion optimization specialist from {CITY}

In this fashion use-case, the weather condition variable is being used in order to persuade visitors to complete the order, by offering a targeted incentive for their next order.

Trusted by thousands of leading brands

On load, on scroll, on exit intent triggering for overlays 

“We raised our conversion rate by introducing on exit pop-ups with promotions. We are also thinking of developing a non-intrusive pop-up that warns about low stock products, and other stuff”

Paul Andrei

Marketing Online at ATU TECH

Using exit intent pop-ups, you can target the visitors that would have been lost otherwise. 

This means that every time a visitor is about to leave your website without taking any of the actions you wanted them to do - sign-up for a newsletter, purchase a product, download a resource, etc., with an on-exit pop-up you have a second chance to get their attention. So with this feature, you obtain extra engagement, on top of whatever experiments or A/B tests you are running on your website. 

Main benefits of website overlays

“We're looking into improving the website conversion funnel and increasing the conversion rate. So far the results are excellent, even better than what they've pitched. They've also proposed some alternative lead collection using on-exit surveys - this resulted in incremental leads which significantly improved digital ROI.”

Daniel Dumitru

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Provident

More than 100 overlay templates ready to use and customize, no coding needed

When you have a testing idea after you’ve done your research and analysis, you want it done a.s.a.p. But if you don’t have access to an easy to use template editor like the one we have at Omniconvert you have to wait for the dev team to implement it. And this can be frustrating. The ready to use overlays is a feature that doesn’t exist on Optimizely.

With our template editor, you can easily create, customize and implement your own overlays in minutes. You don’t need to know how to code so you’re going to save time and money.

Main benefits

Example to use this feature

Create all kinds of pop-ups or ribbons, from sign-up to newsletter to special offers or coupon codes, the sky's the limit.

Free access to Conversion Vault 

-an ever updating bank of winning testing ideas from optimization experts worldwide-

We know that proper strategy is vital in getting those conversion uplifts you are so looking for. 

Conversion vault is a collection of successful ideas written by Conversion Rate Optimization experts worldwide like Brian Massey, Talia Wolf, Chris Goward, Joseph Van Tonder and Valentin Radu. 

While they are normally charging thousands of dollars for a few consultation hours, you can steal these winning ideas from them directly from your Omniconvert dashboard, for free. 

Check them out and optimize your website like a pro.

Comprehensive and editable reports for your manager or clients

Unlike Optimizely, Omniconvert also helps you invest less time in reporting. 

Stop spending endless hours to create slideshows and spreadsheets for your meetings with management. Edit and download easy to read and comprehensive reports for all your experiments. 

More than 300 integrations with other tools and platforms

We know you have your own set of favorite tools before starting to work with Omniconvert. 

Thanks to our Zapier integration you can connect any service you’re currently using with your Omniconvert experiments, while on Optimizely you don’t have this possibility.

With Zapier you don’t have to waste time manually adding leads from an Omniconvert pop-up to your current email marketing provider. Or any other CRM or software you’re using for your marketing and sales activity.

Besides Zapier we also have integrations with:

Great and proactive support team

At Omniconvert, we place customer success and satisfaction on the very top of our KPIs. 

We know how important it is for you to have a reliable and fast point of contact so we gathered the most talented people to be there for you whenever you have a question regarding setting up an experiment or just need a piece of advice.

The responsiveness of the team is just amazing. We had some very very unique use cases we needed to address. We contacted VWO, Optimizely and Omniconvert. Omniconvert were the most proactive team, they really listened to us in order to understand what we needed, and helped us achieve it.

Meni Morim

Co-founder and CEO at Findify

Free migration of your experiments from Optimizely to Omniconvert

If you are already an Optimizely user, we want to make the transfer to Omniconvert as easy as possible for you. Our developers will take care of the migration on your behalf, so you won’t have to redo the experiments you have initially set in Optimizely.

With Omniconvert you get way more 

value for a fair price

Optimizely uses a Pay As You Go system for the usual subscribers and a custom one for enterprise level. Their minimum price point is $49 for every 1,000 monthly unique visitors that you test. This means that if you wanted to test 5000 monthly unique visitors you’d have to pay $245.


Compare that with the alternative offered by Omniconvert: a lifetime free access for up to 5000 monthly unique visitors so you can test as long as you need. This means you can try now for free what you’d have to pay $245 at Optimizely.


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