Customer Experience

Automated pre and post-acquisition NPS surveys give customers a voice, helping you improve customer satisfaction & experience

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Pre and post-acquisition NPS surveys

Measuring Net Promoter Score pre-acquisition helps you improve customer experiences on your website, app, and other forms of pre-purchase interaction. The post-acquisition NPS surveys help you improve your overall customer experience and customer support.

Chances to recommend your store

Get the big picture and dive deeper into NPSs at all levels. Find out how likely your customers are to recommend your brand to friends and family.

Improve customer experience management across the customer journey for all RFM segments, gain more loyal and valuable customers.

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Design better customer experiences by listening to your customers’ voices!

Give Reveal a try! Available on Shopify and other platforms. 

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Chances to recommend your products

Discover how pleased your customers are with the products they’ve purchased from your e-store. Knowing the best and worst-performing items helps you improve product assortment, customer support, and post-acquisition experiences.

Integration with email marketing platforms

Reveal is integrated with Klaviyo and Sendgrid, which allows you to send NPS surveys directly from your email marketing platform.

The customers’ responses are sent back to Reveal so you can measure and monitor NPS at different levels.


Our clients are using REVEAL’s features to achieve better, sustainable results.

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“When I saw that there are few customers that have a big impact in terms of revenue for each year and that we are constantly losing a lot of customers, I realised the right thing to do is to look deeper into the customer data.”

Cristian Movila

Former Director of eCommerce ,

Let REVEAL show you the most effective way to Customer Value Optimization

Install Reveal on Shopify

Install a plugin that makes the most out of your first-party data without affecting your dev team’s workload or your store’s speed performance.

Install Reveal on other platforms

Reveal integrates by reading and interpreting JSON feeds through automated or manual import/export or through API access.