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Hello, world! We are Omniconvert.

It all started back in 2011, when I worked as a CMO of the leading website for selling car insurance policies. At that time, I struggled to understand what was making 98% of the website’s traffic not converting into paying customers.

At that time, I wasn’t aware of conversion optimization at that time, but I found a temporary solution for my problem. Together with my team of developers, I started a campaign with localized testimonials targeted to visitors from the biggest 10 cities in Romania.

The campaign had a huge success, and, in an year, me and my team managed to increase the company’s revenue from online marketing by 36%. But the process wasn’t scalable because it involved too many development hours.

My vision of creating a platform to help other marketers like me convert more of their traffic into customers started getting shape. I decided to start a new company that would develop a product meant to solve this pain point for marketers around the world.

In august 2013, Omniconvert was born. That was the name of the company and product that you are seeing nowadays as Omniconvert. In 2013, the road ahead was looking bright. With a team of four people, I started to build the world’s first integrated conversion rate optimization platform.

Valentin radu, CEO Omniconvert

Valentin Radu
Omniconvert's Founder & CEO

The road ahead was looking bright for us and we celebrated each milestone:

September 2013

We won the StartUp Rally prize in Prague

October 2013

We secured our first five paying customers. By then the news about the product started to spread in the local Romanian market. The platform had to handle big amounts of traffic, and we got new feature requests almost daily. At the same time, we were juggling with creating content that would sustain the distribution of the product, participating in events, and localizing Omniconvert in different countries. We substituted our sleep for enthusiasm and passion for building something really useful for the whole world.

November 2013

Our team grew to 5 members. We were handling our own marketing and lots of other small things a start-up has to do in order to survive.

January 2014

One of our clients, Creaton, a producer of german roof pieces, increased their newsletter subscription rate by 350%.

March 2014

We relaunched our website within a two-week timespan.

June 2014

We decided to invest in an advertising campaign targeted to WhichTestWon’s community of A/B Testing experts. That was the moment we got the final confirmation that we have a valid product. We got 100 new trials, positive feedback and a review of our platform from Justin Rondeau, who is well known in the community of A/B testing experts.

August 2014

TinaR, one of the most important players in the online clothing industry in Romania increased their revenue by 48% using our real-time web personalization tool.

September 2014

We teamed up with Loopa in Poland, participated in two important events, localised the product in the Polish language and got our first customers from Poland.
In the same month, we won the Eurocloud 2014 Romania award for the most innovative SaaS and the 1st prize at the Webstock conference as the leading utility startup.

October 2014

We launched the German version of Omniconvert with the help of Netspirits. For our German users this translates into great support, an integrated solution at an affordable price while for us it means addressing one of the most important markets in Europe.

November 2014

We launched our product in Bulgaria with the help of the WeKnowHow agency. By this time over 700 websites were using our solution.

January 2015

We localized the product in Austria, Serbia, Macedonia, and Turkey. We were designated as the CRO tool that earned “the highest overall customer satisfaction score” by G2Crowd.com.

February 2015

Our tracking code is actively implemented on over 1500 websites. Which Test Won featured one of our successful tests in a case study format on their website.

March 2015

Our team has grown to 10 members. We opened a business office in France.

July 2015

We launched Omniconvert in Italy. Along with Intergic, our partner in sales outsourcing for eCommerce solutions, we are growing the Italian digital market.

September 2015

We reached a level of 4000 users, including WordStream and Forbes. Also, we counted more than 20 million tested visitors per month.

October 2015

Omniconvert won the first prize at Ekomersy Poland in the "Debut of the Year" category. Also, we began a partnership with Innobyte, one of the best web development companies in Romania.

March 2016

Omniconvert received an investment of 1 million EUR in funding from the leading private equity growth and venture capital fund Catalyst Romania.

August 2016

Our team grew to over 50 people and we have made an upgrade to the product's interface. We're working on building and sustaining a healthy culture that will help us develop great products and, also, train our team members for the journey called life.

Our story is still in progress...

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