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Get our feedback survey tool and find out why 9 in 10 visitors never make a purchase on your website.

*30 days FREE trial. A/B testing, Web Personalization, Website Overlays and Advanced Segmentation included.

A group of people sitting around a table with surveys and graphs on it.


Know when to ask

Trigger branching logic surveys approach the right visitor, at the right moment and generate actionable insights from the answers.


On Click Surveys

The on-click feedback surveys get triggered when the user clicks on a designated HTML element of the web page such as a button, image or text.


On Scroll Surveys

Triggered when the user scrolls a certain percentage of the page, this addresses visitors according to their engagement.


On Load Surveys

This option allows you to trigger surveys as soon as the page loads. Works well for maximum visibility.


On Exit Surveys

This is the last resort to turn visitors on their journey to convert. Triggered on exit behavior, it is your best last minute opportunity to interact and re-engage visitors. With this insight, you have a higher chance to convert them on the spot or on their next visit.


Ask the best question you’ve got right now

It lets you display relevant questions based on the visitors’ feedback and take them on a journey of your choosing.

A diagram showing the process of creating an application, including surveys.


Know who you're asking

Tailor your customer feedback questionnaires. Speak their language and stay relevant with our segmentation engine. It’s not face-to-face, but it’s persuasive and profitable.

A pair of cards used in surveys with different colored lines on them.
What is your favorite color according to surveys?


Make it fun

Add images to your website surveys. It will make them fun for people to participate. And it gets you those actionable insights.


Place it right

Go pop-up or widget style, depending on your goal.

A blue square on a blue background can be used for surveys.

Pop-up surveys

Pop-up surveys are always displayed in the center of the screen. High visibility gets high response rates.

A blue square with an x in the middle that is used for surveys.

Widget surveys

Widget surveys are less intrusively displayed at the bottom right or left of the page. Less in-your-face, they also tend to have a lower response rate.

A laptop displaying a graph about surveys on the screen.


Dig deeper

Go to your report center for the nuts and bolts of each survey: how many people answered, who answered what, pie charts, progress bars, or word clouds. All made with data visualization in mind.

What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

8 types of answers

Choose a specific type of answer for each question: multiple, scale, grid, etc.

Lead capture forms

After visitors filled in the survey, ask for their contact info with our optional lead collecting feature.

Fully editable design

Integrate the survey into your website’s look & feel with matching colors or a custom header/banner.

Multiple pages

Display survey invitations on a single or on multiple pages of your choosing.

Several languages available

Instantly translate the functional texts into 4 available languages (more coming, stay tuned).

Full HTML control

The Omniconvert platform allows you to adjust HTML code in the survey intro message, header, and thank you message.

Frequency capping

Choose how often your visitors see the survey invitation: once per day/week/lifetime, at every page load or anywhere in between.


You decide when to test. Plan around your choice of specific days and hours.

Surveys get Provident 25% extra leads from same traffic

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