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Exit intent & triggering

Want to deliver your message in the strategic moments of a session? Use our four triggers, on-click, on-load, on-scroll and on-exit types of overlays to create the perfect web personalization experiment on your website.


on exit


on load


on scroll


on click


Each one of your visitors is unique. They live in a specific context and have different needs.  Segmentation allows you to tailor and personalize your content so your website visitors feel like you speak their language, like you get them. Obtain more sales, improve user experience and conversion rates with our website overlays tool.

Traffic source

Knowing the traffic source enables you to do things like:
Show a personalized welcome message for someone who comes from an affiliate site. Display the right offer according to the paid ad campaign they are coming from. Show a specific on-exit pop-up offer for an organic search visitor.


Behavioral segmentation allows you to show mostly relevant ads and content to your users. This reduces the incidence of spammy or irrelevant messages while it increases the efficiency and the ROI of your marketing actions and lead generation campaigns.


Geolocation targeting is one of the most common techniques used by ecommerce businesses today. It allows you to show a specific content to your target visitors according to the location they are currently in. For example a user from USA will see a different content than one from Europe, making your website or offers more relevant to each of them and improve conversions.


Research shows weather plays an important role in determining and predicting human behavior. For example, a sunny day makes one more productive while people prefer to stay inside and read when it’s raining.

More than 100 website overlay templates to choose from!

ready to use and customize, no coding needed

Using exit intent popup overlays you can target the website visitors that would have been lost otherwise. This means that every time a visitor is about to leave your website without taking any of the actions you wanted them to do - sign-up for a newsletter, purchase a product, download a resource etc., with an on-exit pop-up you get a second chance to get their attention.

Overlays Template categories

Countdown overlay

Discount coupon

Download Ebook



Subscribe Overlay

Persuasion settings

With Omniconvert you can use and apply persuasion principles and techniques throughout your campaigns and website content to maximize conversions and customer satisfaction. Here are a few powerful ways to do this:

A/B testing

An A/B test is an online testing method used for comparing two versions of a web page or overlay against each other, to determine which one performs better & improve conversion rates.

It’s usually done by testing different versions of text, colours and images. Using Omniconvert you can easily create different types of overlays or popups overlays variants and run tests to discover the winning version.

Dynamic text replacement

Engage your visitors in a relevant and personal way using dynamic text replacement in your website overlays. With more than 40 variables to choose from you can change the message of your pop-ups to match each segment of your visitors. 

You can improve the user experience and make people feel important by showing them a personalized message, create urgency by showing how many online visitors are viewing the same product or entice them to book a vacation when it’s raining in their city.

Logic branching - multi-step overlays

Branching logic surveys are basically intelligent surveys that place relevant questions in front of your users. Based on these questions, not only are the users able to see a page they are interested in, but the survey also takes into account the answers and constructs the next question accordingly. 

This way you are able to create a personal conversation, a unique conversion path for your visitors, offering them the most relevant and interesting content in your landing pages. 

Personalize based on survey answers

A very powerful option of the branching logic survey that is unique to Omniconvert is the possibility to create and display a specific solution for each different answer of your survey. This means that you can treat any objections or worries your visitors have about their purchase, on the spot. For example you can solve a concern about the delivery time with a pop-up that offers them a fast shipping option. 


After running your overlays experiments you need to gather data, compare results and extract relevant lessons in an easy way. Instead of wasting hours manually grouping data in an excel spreadsheet, on Omniconvert you can generate in just a few clicks clean, easy to read, fully editable and customizable reports to show to your boss or clients.


With our direct integrations and with those made through Zapier you can connect Omniconvert with the apps you’re currently using, such as your email marketing provider, your ecommerce platform or your analytics tools.


Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar or Inspectlet are important tools that help you monitor your traffic and your users behavior on your website, through analytics and heatmaps. We have integrations with all of these so you can track and get valuable insights from all your Omniconvert experiments.

Online shops

Whatever your ecommerce platform, Omniconvert allows you to make the most out of it by easily integrating with platforms such as Magento or Shopify.

Email automation

Through Zapier you can easily connect your Omniconvert lead capturing overlays with any major email automation service, such as MailChimp or GetResponse. No wasting time on manually syncing lists, no new-leads are lost.

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