What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization is an important part of online marketing strategies.

In an environment that offers so many choices and distractions, website conversion optimization is the science and art of capturing the visitors’ attention and transforming them into buyers. It is a marketing strategy, created with the purpose of maximizing revenue, but it is also a strategy that improves the user experience.


Websites become more effective, delivering the exact information they are supposed to, while visitors navigate faster and more pleasantly to the final objective: buying the product they were looking for.

Conversion rate optimization strategies
The average conversion rate in eCommerce is about 3%. This means that 97% of visitors leave sites without buying anything. This doesn’t mean, however, that each and every site is destined to fall into its industry’s average conversion rate.

Conversion optimization strategies can increase the number of real customers by guiding their attention to what matters throughout the buying process, and by affirming their desire to purchase. When a site’s conversion rate is 3%, an increase of just 3% means the number of finalized purchases has already doubled.

Depending on the context, there are different ways to implement conversion optimization tactics. Here are a few examples of how website conversion optimization can be approached:

  1. Visitors arrive on homepage or on category pages, they seem interested in the displayed information, but in the end leave without making any significant action (subscribing to newsletter, buying, completing a form). This type of on-site behavioral pattern can point to a missing element in the navigation structure or a lack of incentives.

Solution: You can solve this by optimizing shopping routes. Make subcategories of product pages easily accessible and highly visible on landing pages.

  1. Visitors arrive on site through search engine results pages and then leave too quickly to be exposed to information or to take any action.

Solution: In this particular case, actions should concentrate on decreasing bounce rate. The cause of a high bounce rate could be search engine optimization on words that don’t describe the product accurately. It could also be an advertisement that promises more than the site can actually offer. In order to find the real reason and apply the appropriate optimization tactic, research and data analysis need to be done.

  1. Visitors have the intention to purchase and add items to their shopping carts, but the transactions are never finalized.

Solution: Conversion rate optimization should focus on lowering the cart abandonment rate. In this case, conversion optimization needs to change indecisive visitors into buyers. The tactics can vary from offering incentives, creating better product descriptions, offering alternative shipping options, or delivering personalized messages based on context and customer profile.


Conversion optimization is a logical process in which you draw conclusions based on research. By putting together the various data about your target market, user behavior and motivation, and user interaction with different website architectures and display of information.

A simple way to determine where to start the optimization is by trying to answer some basic questions:

  • Why do visitors leave?

  • Are certain groups of visitors more likely to leave the site?

  • What’s missing on site?

  • What can be improved?

  • Which obstructions can be eliminated from the sales pathway?

Conversion rate optimization methodology

Conversion optimization always starts with gathering data. Visitor segmentation and analyzing the conversion funnel can help retrieve important data such as: the visitor profiles, the site’s weak spots, and its points of interest.

After interpreting the data and drawing conclusions, a hypothesis should be formulated. Based on what you already know, what change in the navigation process, on the landing pages, or the cart checkout process, could persuade more users to finalize a purchase or to buy more?

Through testing, you can find out if the recommended change has the expected results. Testing allows previewing changes and their effects without actually making permanent changes on site. Only if the expected results are confirmed, changes will be implemented.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a crucial online marketing activity for all the marketers who want to maximize revenue from SEO, PPC and other forms of online promotion that attract traffic on site. It can also highlight otherwise missed opportunities. Moreover, it allows marketers to track and keep up with the ever-changing customer preferences and motivations.

Omniconvert - convert more through creative personalization

Website conversion optimization is a science that brings together several disciplines:

  • statistics
  • graphics
  • copywriting
  • ergonomics

If you want to optimize websites for conversions you will need a tool that combines all of these activities.

Omniconvert is a complete conversion optimization solution that combines creativity with research and testing. With Omniconvert you can easily segment visitors by multiple variables, create tests and experiments, create personalized messages and conduct surveys that teach you more about customers’ expectations.

On the internet, the decision to click on a link or to leave a page is taken within a second. Successful conversion optimization tackles the problem of capturing the customer’s attention at the right time. With Omniconvert you can seize the opportunity to re-engage users in navigation or in the buying process, by delivering content in real time, which is relevant to them and their lifestyles.

Omniconvert is a tool focused on creating personalized interactions with the customer and on giving a friendly and accessible aspect to the buying process.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly software that makes the process of conversion optimization easy without requiring additional knowledge, Omniconvert is it, and can help any website reach a higher conversion rate.