Branching Logic Surveys are surveys that help define the path of a certain user on an e-commerce website. Every question on the survey helps to identify the page that a respondent will see next. In simpler terms, branching logic surveys allow users to follow a customized pattern and see pages that they are more interested in. Branching logic surveys allow websites to optimize each and every step of their marketing automation strategy in the best manner possible.

How Do They Work?

Branching logic surveys are basically intelligent surveys that place relevant questions in front of the users. Based on these questions, not only are the users able to see a page they are interested in, but the survey also takes into account the answers and constructs the next question accordingly.

Each of the questions takes respondents to a destination question from where they are further taken to their page of liking. If the next question in line does not align with the user’s current answer, that question is skipped and the user is taken to a more relevant question. A branching logic survey allows the users to branch out to a certain flow based on their answers.

In short, the path of the user constructs with every answer. The path can keep branching out until the user reaches the final destination they want to be at. This also means that the destination for each user or respondent is likely to be different from the others.

Adding Conditions

You can add conditions to each question in the survey. For instance, if there are three options to every question in the survey, you can define in advance where the website will take the user if they choose answer A. Same goes for answer B and for C. Branching logic surveys can be placed on the websites using different software.