Conversion Rate Optimization Test refers to the different types of testing methodologies used in the CRO to identify the best possible version of a certainĀ e-commerceĀ site. The best possible version of an e-commerce site is the one that brings in the most valuable traffic. This traffic can later be converted into leads generated from the e-commerce website. The process of improving this conversion rate is calledĀ conversion rate optimization. Both of these definitions are interlinked with each other. Ā 

There are two different types of CRO tests that are most commonly used by businessesā€”the Multivariate testing and A/B testing.

Multivariate testing

This is a conversion rate optimization test that modifies several differentĀ variablesĀ in order to test a certain hypothesis. While using the different variables, the Multivariate test determines the best combination out of the ones used. The total number ofĀ variationsĀ tested is always a product of the number of variations in element A and a number of variations in element B.

A/B Testing

Also commonly referred to as split testing, this CRO test compares two separate versions of the same website in order to find out the version that brings the most qualified leads. Basically, both the versions are shown to the users. It is then statistically analyzed which versions brought in the most converted leads. Another testing technique called the A/A technique is also used which helps in determining the natural variability in similarĀ user experience.

Why Is It Important?

The reason why CRO tests are important is that they allow marketers to test the best possible alternative that has the potential of bringing in the highest possibleĀ conversion rate. Testing this allows businesses to save quite a bit of money that can potentially be lost if they implement a certain method that is not as effective.