The ‘Exit Intent Technology’ can be defined as an intelligent technology or an innovative tool designed to help marketers turn and transform their abandoning website visitors into paying customers. This technology, once embedded on your website, can track and monitor mouse clicks and movements of site visitors.

And what’s truly smart about it is that it has the power to detect when a site visitor is about to exit or leave the site without product purchase. And this is where the technology actually gets in and triggers a lead capture.

Why Do Marketers Use Exit Intent Technology?

Studies show that Exit Intent Technology has helped marketers improve their conversion rates significantly. This tool has the potential to convert 10 to 15 percent of abandoning site visitors.

Marketers use this technology to improve their sales conversion and customer base. The technology also helps design more targeted ads for specific site visitor segments, improving their conversion chances.

The Exit Intent Technology enables marketers to re-engage potential customers by presenting captivating information and ensuring that they don’t leave the site without viewing the best offers and products.

How Does Exit Intent Technology Work?

This technology works intelligently. It shows a new and more engaging message to a site visitor or customer at the moment when they’re about to close the website or leave the page. The message is displayed in the form of exit overlays and pop-ups such as sign-up requests, newsletters, special offers and discount deals. The purpose is to engage the traffic and ensure that they turn into buyers or subscribers before they exit.