Product Page

A product page is what defines the features, manufacturer, uses and a lot more, about a certain product, in ecommerce. It is a page on an ecommerce website that defines a product in its entirety. This allows the users to look deeply into what a product offers and how it will benefit them once they buy it.


Why Is It Used?

The core purpose of a product page is to help a user make a decision about buying the product or skipping it. Since this page is what triggers the decision of the user, it must have a very good call-to-action and detailed information.

Apart from the features and uses, most ecommerce websites today even have an interactive demo of the product to add ease to the potential buyer’s decision-making process. A product page not only tells all about the product, but also drives a decision out of the user. This is part of the reason why it has an appealing call-to-action.


What It Offers?

A product page is an important aspect of an ecommerce website. This is, for most part, what the users come to see on an ecommerce website. The product page offers users all the important information about the product. They get to read about the feature, get to witness different opinions from different users through testimonials, get an overview of the product in action, and a lot more.

A product page can be thought of as a micro-site: this is because it contains several sub-pages that contain information about the product. This page not only drives a buying decision of customers, but also helps them after the purchase has been made. It contains information about the usage of the product, the best practices while using it, and even things that users must avoid while using the product in order to remain safe from any harm.