The term ‘Session Recording’ can be best described as a tool to record browsing sessions of website visitors. These recorded sessions offer unparalleled insights into the web browsing behavior of the traffic.

The Session Recording tool offers marketers the ability to record and replay the website user’s journey and then carefully assess and study how the user’s browse through the website, identify screen output and user input.

Why Do Marketers Use Session Recording?

Online marketers use ‘Session Recording’ as an indispensable tool to assess visitor behavior and optimize it to improve site usability, analyze conversion rate and deliver a quality user experience.

Furthermore, Session Recording also enables them to identify buying intentions, and accordingly target marketing & product development activities. It’s a great tool to study what problems do web users encounter on-site and what makes visitors abandon it. Session Recording helps marketers collect and analyze visitor data and site usage patterns.

It can be virtually applied to any aspect of the online marketing strategy. For example:

  • A/B testing—Marketers can use A/B tests to identify which web page version performs better, & then use Session Reports to figure out elements that helped the winning page version deliver better performance.
  • Shopping Cart—Session Recording can be used to optimize the checkout or transaction process. You can use data to deliver a better experience and improve conversion.

How to Use Session Recording?

As mentioned above, you can use the Session Recording tool in every aspect of your web marketing strategy. Furthermore, the recorded sessions can also be used to address problem areas and answer key questions, like:

  • How do web users interact with site content?
  • What strategy works best in terms of sales conversion?
  • Why visitors are leaving your sign up page?
  • Why the site conversion rate is low?
  • What are the promotions, ads, and items that site visitors are most attracted to?
  • Are your call-to-actions attracting attention?
  • What design elements are getting more clicks?