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Skip Logic Surveys

Skip logic surveys are surveys where a respondent jumps to a certain question while skipping the next in line. These surveys allow a custom path for the respondent which constructs on the go. Every other question that the user lands on is a result of the answer to the previous question. Skip logic is often referred to as branch logic. The pattern with which questions are skipped varies among the different users.

How Does It Work?

While setting the answers for every question in a skip logic survey, a second inline question can be predefined based on each of the answers. For example, if there are three options as answers to a certain question, each answer option can take respondents to a different, more accurate next question. This act of branching out the questionnaire can lead to a smoother and quicker survey for the respondents.

How Does It Help?

A skip logic survey is a great way to keep the survey relevant. Often times than not, there are questions in a survey that do not apply to everyone. This happens because those surveys are general and made for everyone regardless. Skip logic surveys, on the other hand, offer a local pathway through the questionnaire as users only get questions that relate to them.

This not only helps acquire more accurate information from the respondents but also saves a great deal of time and effort from the respondents. Also, it is often noticed that when respondents continuously get questions that don’t relate to them, or if the survey is overly lengthy, they tend to lose interest which adversely affects the accuracy of the entire survey.

Another way skip logic surveys help quite a lot is that they tend to go with the flow. Every other question for the respondent is based on their previous answer. This makes the survey less confusing for the users and allows them to answer each question far more easily.

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