Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is the acronym for software as a service. SaaS uses internet to deliver various applications to the users as a service. This system is used for making things easier for the users as they don’t need to buy, install, and download different services from the internet anymore. They can now access these over the internet free of cost. Morevoer, it saves them a lot of hassle of maintaining and managing the complex software and hardware.

Other names for SaaS include on-demand software, web-based software, and hosted software. Although same level of service is provided irrespective of the names used for delivering it. SaaS runs on the server of the SaaS provider and various factors such as availability, security, and performance depends on the management capacity of the provider.


Important Characteristics of SaaS

SaaS has several specialized characteristics. First of all, it has a multi tenant architecture, which means all the applications and users share one common code base and infrastructure, which is maintained centrally. The fact that all SaaS clients are on a similar code base and infrastructure makes it easier for the vendors to quickly innovate. This will save their valuable time which was previously spent on maintaining and developing different versions of the codes that are now outdated.

Moreover SaaS is a very valuable concept since it allows customers to easily customize the applications so they fit in to their business needs and processes. This allows businesses to modify their applications easily without having to change too much of the basic infrastructure making up the app. These customizations stay unique to each company and can be preserved using updates because SaaS is designed to allow frequent updating without posing much risk to the customers and offering them lower adoption cost.