Traffic Segmentation refers to the process of setting up groups of visitors that will help businesses identify the different sources from which their traffic is being directed and to analyze the behavior of specific segments of traffic.
This allows companies to find out their weakest as well as their strongest inbound channel. Another important aspect is that this allows them to make a decision on whether to carry on with that certain acquisition channel, strengthen it with the A/B testing technique, a survey that segment and generate insights or just to invest a little less time in it.

Why Is It Important?

The reason why traffic segmentation plays an important role is that it allows businesses to work on user experiences. They can strengthen the links that bring in the most traffic. In addition to that, traffic segmentation also allows businesses to personalize the experience of every user.

This is why traffic segmentation is also referred to as visitor segmentation commonly. By doing this, every user can enjoy a customized unique experience on the website. This can lead to enhanced lead generation. For all that to happen, businesses must know where their traffic is being generated from. This is where traffic segmentation plays a vital role. Before anything else, it helps businesses in determining the most prolific marketing channels that they have in the first place.

How Does It Help?

Once online businesses get to realize the actual source that is most beneficial to them, they can invest more time and effort into building a stronger relationship with it. Furthermore, it can also help businesses determine the factors that make a certain link stronger than others. This can allow them to place the same factors in weaker links to generate more traffic from them as well.

This practice helps websites build greater traffic, better leads, and all in all, a higher return on investment, especially when it comes to paid traffic campaigns. On the whole, traffic segmentation sets the base for greater traffic on any website.

What kind of parameters can you use to segment your traffic?

Traffic source (paid media, organic, direct, social media, specific referrer), 
Location (city, country, state, range around the city), 
Weather conditions (sunny, raining, the temperature in Celsius or Kelvin), 
Behavior (time on site, number of sessions, number of page views, time since the last visit, etc)
Technology (browser, resolution, device, operating system)
Custom (GTM data layer attribute, specific cookies, data from the CRM)
Previous answers to surveys
UTM Parameters

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