UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. In the simplest of terms, a UTM link is any link that is preceded by a question mark. It is what allows Google to hunt down certain businesses ‘ websites. In order to link a certain website to Google Analytics, it must have a UTM code attached to it. Adding this code to the URL of a business offers a link called the UTM link. Google Analytics offers the business a complete set of analytics based on this particular link.

Why Is It important?

UTM links play a major role in getting you the analytics that you need to streamline your marketing efforts. This makes far more sense when it comes down the marketing efforts online. For instance, businesses that spend far more time and effort on social media can track the traffic that runs through each and every single link they publish provided the link is a UTM link.

By having a clear insight into how the different links are doing, e-commerce businesses can easily streamline the current campaigns and plan future campaigns in a way that offers far better results. Insights from a UTM link also let a business know the particular links that bring in the most amount of traffic as well as the links that are the weakest. This way, they can invest more in areas where they actually need to.

What Does It Offer?

UTM link not only tells businesses where exactly the traffic on their website is coming from but also tells them a couple of other important insights too. These insights include the sources and the routes the traffic is taking to reach the website. This is not just it. UTM links also allow businesses to find out the reason why that particular traffic preferred moving towards their website. This lets them know if there is a certain marketing effort that is turning out to be prolific or if there is any other reason.