Website feedback surveys are an online marketing technique for collecting qualitative data from visitors or customers. They are delivered to users directly on the website and they pose a series of questions related to a specific topic that visitors should provide answers to. The data collected by the website feedback surveys is then interpreted with the aim of improving the product, service or user experience. Feedback surveys are one of the best ways to find out what customers like or dislike about a website, product or service. There are other indirect methods of finding out what visitors prefer such as heat maps, click maps or session recordings but their interpretation is subject to an increased degree of subjectivity from the marketers overseeing the project. 

Some surveys might be incentivized. When they complete answering all questions visitors will get a bonus such as a voucher/discount coupon, a free download, entry to sweepstakes, etc. Usually, the incentivized surveys have more questions and take a longer time to complete than the non-incentivized ones. However, if not properly implemented, there’s also the possibility for the incentive to influence the results of the survey because they might attract users that should not be in the target group or because users might tone down their otherwise negative impressions in the hopes of not hurting their chances of getting a reward. 

Popular Types of Website Feedback Surveys

Depending on the marketing goal, there are different types of user feedback surveys that can be implemented:

Cart abandonment surveys are key to understanding why shoppers decide to leave the checkout process on e-commerce websites. Cart abandonment is a key issue to tackle by e-commerce stores, especially since the average value is around 70%. So finding out why website visitors leave without completing their order is of vital importance to online shops. 

NPS surveys are created in order to establish the satisfaction degree of website users in relation to the brand. The typical question of an NPS survey is “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our store to one of your friends or colleagues“. According to the answers, the respondents are then divided into 3 categories: Detractors, Passives, and Promoters. An NPS software can be used for the implementation and data interpretation. An NPS Score above 0 is generally considered to be good, while scores over 50 are excellent. 

nps feedback survey

User interest surveys are generally created by publishing websites with the aim of discovering the subjects that their audience is most interested in. In this way, publishers can write more relevant content that generates high engagement KPIs such as increased time on page, decreased bounce rate, increased number of average pages/session, etc. 

Lead capture surveys are usually meant to serve as a double role: to both gather qualitative data and to collect user contact information. They represent a highly efficient way of collecting leads, especially if incentivized. In most cases, lead capture surveys start with asking a series of questions, then before ending they request the user to input their contact data in order to either get an incentive, to be contacted later by a company representative or to get the survey results on their email address. 

Branching logic surveys are a special type of website surveys since they don’t follow a single response direction. They’re built in such a way that according to the answer chosen by the respondee, one of several questions will show up next. Thus, the interviewer can create a series of personalized and logic questions much as it would happen in a natural conversation. These types of surveys offer a high degree of flexibility and personalization and generally collect data that is more relevant compared to the classic survey solutions. 

Common Questions Used in Website Feedback Surveys

Depending on the type of survey you plan to create there are different types of questions you might want to ask your visitors. Here are some of the most popular for your inspiration:

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our website to a friend or colleague?

What do you like most about our website?

What do you dislike most about your website?

For people trying to leave the checkout process: Why are you leaving the website without completing your order?

For paying customers: What made you almost not buy our product?

For non-paying customers: What is something that would convince you to purchase the product today?

website feedback survey questions

How to Quickly Create a Website Feedback Survey

Regardless of the type of survey you want to implement, you can do so within a few minutes by using Omniconvert’s survey features. Just sign up here and get instant access to flexible and simple to use survey editor. It will allow you to easily create different types of surveys (pop-up, widget, in-page) that can have the branching logic and/or lead capture forms enabled. For the pop-up type of surveys, you have various triggering options such as on-exit, on-load, on-click or on-scroll. All surveys are completely customizable and can be created to reflect your brand identity by changing colors, CCS styles and by featuring your company logo. 

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