Juliana Jackson

Juliana Jackson’s adventures in digital marketing and product development have been rich with diverse experiences.

She began her career in sales, in early 2010, specializing in the task of “selling the Internet” to individuals who traditionally listed their properties in newspapers. 

This experience ignited a sense of curiosity in her. While transitioning into digital marketing strategies, she embarked on a quest to understand what makes users tick online.

Her tenure as a Sr. Data and Optimization Strategist polished her skills in:

  • data analysis
  • project management
  • experimentation 

Transitioning to roles such as Data Strategy & Experimentation Practice Lead, EMEA, Juliana sharpened her eye and expertise for mobile applications, cross-functional collaboration, and product development

This expertise allowed her to lead teams and drive impactful strategies across regions.

Beyond her corporate roles, Juliana’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through in her independent consultancy work. 

As a Growth Marketing & Product Analytics Consultant, she leveraged her expertise to offer tailored solutions to clients, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in various settings.

She also spent some time at Omniconvert, navigating multiple roles within a short span.

From product owner to growth manager, she spearheaded initiatives that contributed to brand awareness, customer engagement, and revenue growth

Her achievements, such as gathering early adopters for Reveal by Omniconvert and evangelizing the Customer Value Optimization (CVO) category, underscore her impact in the industry.

Juliana’s work goes beyond traditional roles, as she’s currently the host of the Standard Deviation Podcast

Through this platform, she shares insights from industry leaders, providing guidance to aspiring professionals in digital analytics and technical marketing.

She’s also an experienced public speaker, and a constant face in the industry, being invited at important events, such as

  • Superweek
  • Measure Summit
  • How To Web
  • Meet Magento Indonesia
  • ExperimentNation Conference
  • Ecommerce Conference Greece
  • and many more to come.

For those discovering her, it’s worth noting that Juliana is still on the quest for her true calling in digital marketing, but typically shares insights on technical marketing, product development, mobile apps, and experimentation.

Articles by Juliana Jackson

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