Growth hacking consists of all such strategies that can provide a rapid growth to your eCommerce business in the early stages of your store launch. 

Due to rising competition in the eCommerce space, it is not easy to acquire customers. You need better products, high organic traffic, positive reviews, influencer recommendations, and whatnot? This is why growth hacking tools are so necessary.

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Why Remote Working Has Become a Necessity?

The impact of Covid-19 on the eCommerce industry has been immense. Remote working has turned out to be the new normal since the pandemic engulfed the world. When your employees work in the office, it becomes easier to share information and collaborate with fellow employees. 

However, this is not true in the case of remote working. Lack of communication is one of the most significant issues that can directly impact team productivity.

Security Still Remains a Major Concern While Working Remotely

Security has always been a challenge for your remote workforce, and now more than ever. While working with remote teams, you must always use security software like firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs) to keep your team safe from several security threats. 

A recent report on VPN use in Australia by network security analyst Will Ellis found that cyber-attacks are on the rise, and businesses can suffer tremendous damage due to data theft. Moreover, peace of mind is crucial for productivity and overall well-being.

With the help of eCommerce growth hacking tools discussed in this article, you can scale up your marketing activities and give a jump start to your eCommerce business without compromising on your security. 

Here are the top 12 eCommerce growth hacking tools that are best for remote working teams:

Omniconvert Reveal 

Omniconvert Reveal is a customer retention optimization software that lets you understand your ideal customer profile so that you can understand the buying patterns and increase the lifetime value of a customer. 

Your marketing team is working remotely so you want to give them the best customer data that they can use to plan their strategies. The Omniconvert Reveal dashboard lets your team know the exact customers who are repeat buyers so that you can retain them for a longer period of time and increase your revenue. 

Omniconvert Reveal lets you monitor the customer retention rate, customer satisfaction score, the lifetime value, and the cohorts of your best customers. 

When you understand the reason why people buy from you, personalization becomes a breeze, you can prioritize the things that matter the most for your customers.

The powerful business analytics section transforms the raw customer data into actionable insights to double your revenue by focusing on customer retention.

Optimize your Customer Lifetime Value strategy

Get more valuable customers for a more profitable e-store.

60+ reviews on Shopify

Available for all platforms:

All platforms Gif


ReferralCandy is more like a refer-a-friend web app that grows your sales through word-of-mouth marketing. The marketing app is designed for ecommerce stores having a minimum hundred transactions every month.

In the business world, the significance of word-of-mouth is too valuable. People refer to a brand only when they have a satisfying experience. So, the possibility of conversion goes higher when consumers refer to a particular brand. 

ReferralCandy uses the same strategy to increase your sales. They do it by asking you to reward your customers for referrals. You have to choose from options like percentage discount, dollar discount, cash pay-out, or custom gifts. You can further customize your rewards for referring customers and referred friends. Next, it also connects to your marketing stack that provides valuable insights on sales, customers, and traffic.

ReferralCandy is extremely easy to use and works with every eCommerce store, using app integrations or email connections. Active since 2009, it holds a good experience in running referral marketing campaigns.  


Crystal is a personality assessment tool for businesses to know about their target audiences using a revolutionary personality AI technology. 

There are millions of profiles on social media networks, and they all respond differently when approached. Crystal is a tool that helps you know the person you want to contact and the right way of approaching them.

Crystal accurately identifies an individual’s behavioral patterns by analyzing millions of data points and validated assessments like text samples, responses, and other attributes. 

It then suggests ideas for building more effective communication, creating stronger one-on-one relationships, and making better decisions. You can know how to approach the potential prospects, which words to choose, which phrases to pick, and what tone to follow for every recipient. 

Crystal can predict anyone’s personality accurately from a LinkedIn profile or online resume. Plus, you can view personality profiles in popular social media sites. Crystal’s website and mobile apps are also there to view the profiles.  


Landbot is a no-code solution for building conversational apps for businesses of all sizes.  

Several essential elements work to run an ecommerce business, and customer interaction is one of them. Customer interaction can bring excellent opportunities for your business. You can reach plenty of prospects and boost your sales. Chatbots are the best way to improve interaction with your customers.

Landbot helps by allowing you to create interactive Chatbots for your business. 

Landbot, as an intuitive app, provides the benefit of conversational interface with rich UI elements. It also automates advanced business applications, and therefore, it can fulfill the necessities of businesses related to both communication and process automation.

The tool can help you both in managing and automating conversations on the leading messaging channels. You can simply integrate it with channels like web, whatsapp, and messenger for real-time experience and trigger campaigns. 

Everything can be done through a single platform and without any coding starting from designing to deploying, or from analyzing your conversational strategies to sending information.


AWeber is an advanced email marketing service provider to help businesses create email sequences that meet marketing goals.

Marketing and promotions are integral to any eCommerce business.  An advanced tool can be a great help to make it more effective.  

AWeber is one such tool that has simple yet powerful features to create amazingly designed emails and landing pages automatically. It integrates an AI-powered email template designer to help you develop visually-stunning emails and landing pages in just a few seconds, saving you a lot of time.

AWeber is also designed to automate emails and campaigns. It can assign triggers and flow of the emails delivered at a specified time and to the right recipient. Also, it ensures that the emails get into the inbox. 

With AWeber’s pre-built report coupled with meaningful insights, you can analyze your campaign’s performance. There are easy to interpret reports that include key performance indicators (KPIs).

Email campaigns become more effective when the right group of customers are targeted. AWeber allows you with quick segmentation to send emails to those who are more likely to respond.  

In short, AWeber is a straight answer to the hectic email marketing campaigns process with proven success.


Slite is a knowledge base that helps you to keep your remote working team connected through writing. 

Slite is a specially designed solution to keep your team informed and keep your docs organized. All your docs are sorted in channels and the channels can be set to either public or private. You can easily start a conversation with your team member and keep a track of your team’s work.

Slite is available on Mac, Windows, Apple App Store, and Google Play. One of the best features of this tool is that you can write simultaneously on any doc. Moreover, with the help of the Team Analytics feature, you can see which of your team members contributes the most and which docs are the most popular.


HelloBar is a web-based lead generation tool for eCommerce and other businesses. 

To grow any business, be it eCommerce or others, generating leads is an essential factor. More leads mean more sales. HelloBar is a comprehensive tool to get your customers in different ways. Besides generating leads, it can boost your email list, create your social media following, and minimize cart abandonment.

HelloBar is extremely easy to use. You just have to plug it into your site and get it ready to use. It has features to encourage site visitors to take actions, such as it can display popups, static bars, or full-page takeovers, consequently converting site visitors into customers.

For example, you can include a full-width bar at the top of your blog with texts that interests them. It will draw visitor’s attention and drive traffic to your resource pages, squeeze pages, or any specific blog post. 

HelloBar incorporates a social media feature so that you can see your content displayed on top social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. It also allows you to create custom calls-to-action using its simple editor and then test it with A/B testing to find the best text to display.


PowerReviews is a cloud-based suite for customer and market feedback solutions. 

For any business to stand, the customer’s trust is a vital pillar, which is earned by catering to the best services. However, customer reviews and market feedback are other elements you cannot ignore, which can be a propelling factor for your success.

This is where PowerReviews plays its role. It provides consumer engagement technology and tools to retailers and eCommerce companies to host product reviews on their websites. It also syndicates reviews from brands’ and manufacturers’ sites to eCommerce sites where their products are on sale.

PowerReview, as a UGC analytic platform, allows you to study consumer behavior, shopping trends, customer engagement, etc. through different means like social media analysis, journey mapping, etc.

PowerReviews is way beyond than just feedback & reviews management. It enables you to automate ratings, answer to customers’ questions, and build brand awareness. 

It also includes many useful features like the Rating & Reviews module to compare your services’ pros and cons, Review Face-Off features to filter out the positive reviews, and a complete inline SEO module to determine the most relevant keywords. 

Knowing customer feedback helps you compare opinions, determine negative trends, and improve user experience.


Social accounts in Buffer Publish dashboard

Buffer is one of the most extensively used social media management tools for businesses of all categories. 

Buffer is a much-needed tool for ecommerce today, especially when you have your eyes on social media users who can be your prospective customers. When you have plenty of content to post on different channels daily, it becomes difficult to manage. A tool like Buffer with exceptional features becomes a necessity in this scenario.

Using Buffer, you can plan and schedule your content, collaborate with your team, analyze results, and meaningfully engage with your audience. There is a single dashboard to carry out all the activities. You can plan and publish content on the desired date and time for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 

Analyzing your own campaign performance can be useful to boost your sales. Buffer helps you measure your performance, build reports, and receive insights to extend reach, engagement, and sales.

To make social media marketers and related teams work more efficiently for an eCommerce site, a tool like Buffer is a boon.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a tool for SEO and digital marketers to help businesses find the most searched and hidden keywords around their products or services.

SEO and digital marketers primarily work around keywords for product marketing. Yielding significant results isn’t possible without knowing the right keywords. However, the knowledge of trending keywords alone might not work, especially when the competition is too high. 

Answer The Public is a cleverly designed consumer insight tool that provides long-tail keywords consumers are using to search products. It aggregates the suggested searches from primary search engines such as Google and Bing via cloud searches.

These cloud searches are organized in categories like what, where, and why. These categories provide an outline of the questions that consumers ask around your product or category and enter into search engines from their devices.

Such insights enables you to know your audience, target relevant keywords, and optimize your site for long-tail key phrases. 


Unbounce is a dedicated no-code landing page builder to create custom landing pages for businesses of any category.

As an eCommerce business owner, you cannot ignore the significance of landing pages as well as the complexity involved in its creation. It is always a tricky task. Everything has to fall in place, starting from design to texts to call-to-action. Plus, running split tests and optimizing each page are additional challenges. 

Unbounce is an extremely easy to use tool that allows you to create and optimize dedicated landing pages with clear goals that prompt your visitors to take the right action. Under its design feature, there are over a hundred of customizable landing page templates to choose from. Additionally, there are other design features like drag-and-drop, clone and edit, copy and paste, etc.

Unbounce serves a lot more than just as a landing page builder. You can create popups and sticky bars effortlessly to generate leads, check and improve your page’s performance, build AMP landing pages for faster loading, and a lot more. 

Overall, Unbounce is designed to save your time and costs to build an excellent landing page.  


NinjaOutreach is software for Influencer Marketing and Blogger Outreach for growing business and increasing sales. 

Influencer marketing and blogger outreach are among the most effective marketing tactics that every marketer uses these days. But, in reality, building relationships with influencers and guest posting in your niche is the most challenging part to count. 

NinjaOutreach makes this easy by simplifying your influencer marketing and lead generation process via automated outreach and follow-ups. You’ll never forget to send another email again.

NinjaOutreach allows you to find influencers and guest blog opportunities through specific keywords. Once you get the influencers list, you can then filter out the most relevant targets you want to network with.

A lot of features make NinjaOutreach an incredible tool. For example, you can create email templates, send emails directly from the interface, add team members, track conversation histories, email opens, clicks, replies, etc.

Certainly, NinjaOutreach is an effective solution for more result-driving influencer marketing and blogger outreach.


We are living in the age of omnichannel marketing. Therefore, you must ensure that your brand is visible to potential customers at every buyer’s journey. 

The top eCommerce growth hacking tools discussed in this article are best in the industry to take your business to the next level. 

Which tool do you use to power up your eCommerce marketing strategy? Please let me know in the comments below.