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Average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)


Average Customer Retention rate


Average Margin % of Revenue


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The benchmark aggregates 100% anonymized data from more than 1000 eCommerce stores that use Reveal to increase the number of loyal customers, improve Customer Lifetime Value, and maximize profits with automated RFM segmentation.

Benchmark eCommerce

You get free access to +35 statistics to compare your e-store's KPIs against the industry benchmark. Evaluate your business and get insights about how you should adjust strategies for improved customer retention.

Access the full report with +35 statistics about your industry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The eCommerce Benchmark report 2021 gives you access to eCommerce statistics about Customer behavior, Customer Retention, Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Segmentation – an essential process for your store’s growth. 

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, manager, or key player in the eCommerce game, these metrics help you make better decisions based on customer insights.

This benchmark report includes eCommerce KPIs that will help you evaluate your e-store by comparing it with the results in your industry and adjust your strategies to make sure you’re heading in the right direction in the future.

We keep this ecommerce benchmark updated with aggregated data from our 1000+ clients, all ecommerce businesses that are measuring key performance indicators automatically with the help of Reveal, our Customer Value Optimization app. Use the industry benchmarks for improvements at all levels of your ecommerce company, from customer experience to digital marketing strategy.

The benchmark contains  100% anonymized aggregated data from eCommerce stores that are using REVEAL. REVEAL is a Customer Value Optimization Platform that helps eCommerce professionals understand and predict customers’ behavior to improve what matters most in eCommerce: Customer Lifetime Value.

We offer you the interpretation and explanation for each report. Ideally, make sure you already have your eCommerce store data to compare each performance indicator. If you are missing data, you can connect your store to Reveal and it will generate your KPIs automatically.

Remember that your eCommerce business is unique and use the benchmark report to put things into perspective, not to set unrealistic expectations.

You can export existing data from your eCommerce analytics platforms, calculate KPIs manually where data is not available, or get them automatically by connecting your eCommerce store to REVEAL.

REVEAL will deliver customer retention insights for your eCommerce business by providing you with automated customer reports.

The real benefits of this ecommerce platform are: 

  • A clear overview of your customers and business
  • The ability to create better-targeted campaigns in the future 
  • Know exactly what to offer and who to offer
  • Refine your assortments based on NPS results
  • Helps you create awesome loyalty programs

Ideally, you can access real-time data from the analytics platform you are using for your eCommerce store. This way, you spend less time aggregating data and more time on tasks with a direct impact on your business goals.