Tired of losing customers?
The Customer Experience eBook is here to guide you.

Find out why you should focus on Customer Experience and find out how to measure and create the best Customer Experience for your online shop.

Get access to behind-the-scenes information, as if you were standing over the shoulder of our conversion optimization specialists. 

Read leading thoughts from 50+ Experts that shared their opinion about topics such as Customer Retention, Smart Ads, Content, Website Optimization, Branding, Customer Journey.

Read all you need to know about Net Promoter Score: NPS interpretation, NPS calculation, Successful NPS examples


Get access to compiled data from 1000+ e-stores in different industries and see where you stand in terms of Customer Retention, Customer Segmentation, eCommerce Analytics and Customer behavior.

Over 210 brand-side experimenters shared where and how their businesses were performing in the 4 key areas needed to run an effective testing program.

Tools, Calculators & Templates

From all alternatives to grow your eCommerce store, getting each customer to buy more often is the only one that helps you drive sustainable growth.

The eCommerce growth calculator allows you to adjust seven KPIs before you decide on the strategy that will level up your game.

The adoption of the Customer Value Optimization Methodology has an impact on all levels and needs the collaboration of all departments in your company.

The CVO Timeline template will help your company plan every step of this process from the first meeting to the ongoing improvements.

It’s tempting to always be chasing a “silver bullet” for growth. But constant growth doesn’t happen overnight.

Use our free growth matrix to help set Strategic Objectives for your ecommerce & make the best decisions.

It’s tempting to always look for new customers.
But the competition is high and advertising costs are rising, so keeping your customers is a lot more important now.

Get this free tool for your eCommerce to understand the four pillars of customer retention and the scenarios that you can start to use right away.

Do you know what it takes to grow your business? There is an actual formula for that.

And now we’re giving it away for free in this Calculator. Use it to find what your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is and out how different metrics like retention can affect our growth.

Find out what is the impact in your
Net Revenue if you would invest more in
Customer Retention.

If you’re not convinced that Customer Retention and Customer Value Optimization are important, we will show you that an increase in customer retention by 5% means an increase in profits of 25% to 95%.

WEBINARS, Podcasts & Events

eCommerce growth happens only if the company nails all the customer lifecycle phases, from Acquisition to Conversion, and then to Retention.
Valentin Radu will share how to nail Customer Value Optimization with his guests – A-level experts, professors, book authors, and practitioners.

From starting their businesses in their parents’ garage or in a small apartment, to making a difference in the DTC world, these brand founders are sharing with you the story of how they made it in ecommerce.

eCommerce Growth Show brings to the spotlight the most famous experts from eCommerce to talk about eCommerce Strategy, Tips, Growth Hacks, tools and more!

eCommerce Growth Summit is the only Customer Value Optimization event in the world.
On the 12th & 13th of November 2020, 23 amazing speakers and industry veterans brought to the spotlight practical eCommerce strategies from Customer Retention, Customer Experience, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO & Paid Advertising and eCommerce Industry Insights.

Quick videos that provide you with deep insights on how to grow your eCommerce store using smart tactics and tools.


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