Hi, there!

Dear all, it’s been a crazy time here building this wonderful tool. But it’s not the tool I want to tell you about.
After 4 months of struggle, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the great early adopters who used the tool. Moreover, we are grateful for noticing us things to improve, ‘impossible to detect’ bugs and for showing us alternative ways to use the platform.

After these first 4 months, we can show you the first results:
> We have +200 brave pioneers who are using our tool in order to get more out of their traffic
> 40 million visitors got a personalized version of website

> We’ve received more than 650 visit cards through our meetings
> We’ve traveled 23.457 km in order to get feedback and meet investors, partners and clients
> 350% is the greatest lift in conversion rate for subscribers
> 200% is the greatest increase of the e-commerce conversion rate
> our tool is used for 23 niches, from fashion to electronics, books, tourism, marketplaces, food delivery, plain tickets, agribusiness or SaaS
> 120 affiliates are promoting Omniconvert throughout the whole world
> we have Romanian, german, Czech, Irish, British, Polish, French, Brazilian and evenChinesee websites using the platform
> we’re just about closing strong partnerships in order to localise our product in Brazil, Germany, Poland, Russia and China
> we’ve got a brand new explanatory video in order to understand our product:

> from a team of 2 members, we’ve grown to a team of 9 members:
Elena Dobre – a fast-learner young girl who plays the copywriter & conversion specialist role
Andreea Filip – the most analytical girl we’ve ever encountered, who’s a great conversion specialist
Radu Vrabie – after being a tour guide, a globe trotter, a blogger, a SEO specialist, now he is becoming our super-conversion-specialist
Niki Darie – practicing yoga all of the time is not so adventurous; that’s why he started to cook his time by being a software engineer in our team
Ciprian Dragoi – our CTO, obsessed with perfection and efficiency, but still a Coke drinker 🙁
Sorin Tranca – our creative director, that calls himself “just an idea translator”
Bojan Spasic – our designer; nowadays he is more focused to become inspired in the kitchen rather than in Photoshop
Nicu Stancescu – finance are nothing without a smart hand nearby
Valentin Radu – your humble host on this trip to convert more with your website. Thank you for reading this and for making efforts to get the most out of your website.
To be continued…

PS: today it snowed in Bucharest and we’ve made a snow-alpaca 🙂