Alexandra Panaitescu

Alexandra Panaitescu’s journey in marketing began with a spark of interest during high school, which eventually evolved into an 8+ year career in Content Marketing.

Her passion for strategic thinking and creative execution was ignited by foundational courses and exposure to strategic insights through traditional media.

During her time as a Web Content Writer at Intact Media Group – ZU TV, Alexandra produced engaging website and social media content for ZU TV’s target audience.

She scripted daily content for music news segments and collaborated with a diverse team to ensure seamless integration of messaging and visual elements.

In time, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing and pursued a master’s program in advertising to deepen her understanding of promotion in the digital era.

As a Content Marketing Specialist at Beans United, Alexandra defined and implemented effective inbound strategies for HubSpot clients, resulting in substantial increases in deals generated from inbound leads.

Embracing Hubspot’s inbound methodology has been pivotal to Alexandra’s growth.

Working with a diverse portfolio of clients, she found herself particularly drawn to SaaS companies.

This fascination led her to an internal role within the marketing department of a renowned Romanian SaaS company, where she gained invaluable insights into leveraging content marketing for SaaS startups.

During her time as a Content Marketing Manager at Omniconvert, Alexandra produced compelling content assets to establish Omniconvert as a category king in Customer Value Optimization.

She collaborated cross-departmentally to develop product-related content, resulting in significant growth for Omniconvert’s core SaaS offering.

Throughout her freelance career, Alexandra’s passion for SaaS and e-commerce continued to flourish.

She undertook projects focused on crafting educational content, devising effective lead-generation strategies, and enhancing customer lifetime value. Guided by core values of empathy, continuous learning, collaboration, and innovation, Alexandra strives to build meaningful connections and drive growth wherever she goes.

Today she’s freelancing under the Keen on Content Marketing umbrella, where she’s significantly contributing to improving traffic, inbound leads, and repeat purchase rates for SaaS companies and eCommerce stores.

She’s skilled at producing a wide array of content assets, including SEO articles, ebooks, guides, email marketing workflows, and social media posts.

Her expertise flows seamlessly between Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Writing, SaaS Marketing, B2B Marketing, Project Management, Lead Generation and Marketing Automation.



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