Want to convert more? Do you think you’ve tried all the possible ways to do that and you don’t have any other features to use? Well, email campaigns won’t let you down.Like any other online marketing activity, email campaigns should follow some basic general principles that any marketer should take into consideration. We call them Common Sense Rules, but actually they are rules that, if respected, lead to more conversions.

Checking email on mobile device

1. Do the segmentation, then start to design the offer

Modern segmentation requires personalization; in email campaigns, we can talk about one-to-one emails. Use the available data that you’ve gathered so far from your past activity to learn more about you prospects. Once you’ve understood what they’re expectations are, you can deliver the right content, the beneficial offer to them.

2. Have a single call to action

Keep it simple. Don’t annoy your prospects with 3 different offers in a single email. They will not know what to do. Moreover, once a prospect has committed, you should be consistent with your message/offer. Cutting off content will lead to a more friendly layout, so the user will be more likely to see what your offer is about.

If you deal with repetitive behavior, meaning monthly, quarterly or yearly purchases, use the past experience of your customers in order to customize their future purchase and to keep them loyal.

Mother’s day is an example of yearly purcahse. These guys really know their business.

Repetitive Behavior

3. Test your emails

Run simple A/B tests on your emails. You can test almost everything: subject lines, images, responsive templates, wording, signature. “Call to action” may get the form of a copy or button. You can also just change the colors and see what’s the effect. It’s up to you.

4. Send the right number of emails per week

Don’t be afraid that you will be considered a spammer as long as you send valuable content to the targeted prospects. But don’t let yourself fooled by this tricky opportunity to send many emails: use segmentation, otherwise you will be annoying and, as an obvious consequence, you will be ignored. Don’t forget that one of your purposes with an email campaign is to educate; in order to do that, link your emails, find a common “something” that build an identity, so the prospects recognize you when they receive your emails.

5. Be in trend

Keep the track of all the changes on the technology market. The majority of internet users are reading their email on mobile devices. So, charging too many images is not a great idea to convert more through email campaigns.