Andrada Vonhaz

Andrada Vonhaz is a dynamic professional with a passion for the intricacies of marketing and the dynamic tech landscape.

Her journey began in 2016 when she delved into the fundamentals of content & copywriting, social media, SEO, and PPC.

Through her experiences, Andrada discovered her affinity for project management, using her abilities to create, motivate, and lead teams to success while ensuring stakeholder and client satisfaction.

She sees marketing as a fascinating intersection between human psychology, creativity, finance, strategy, HR, and data analysis—an arena where she found her true calling.

Despite facing challenges during her educational journey, Andrada’s passion for marketing remained steady.

Her pursuit culminated in the attainment of a master’s degree in advertising in 2017, a moment she fondly recalls with pride.

Andrada brings a variety of experience and expertise to the table, honed through her diverse roles in the marketing landscape.

As a Marketing Specialist at BTL Industries, she excelled in conducting English content creation, devising Google Ads strategies, and performing comprehensive competition analysis.

Her keen eye for detail and strategic mindset allowed her to formulate effective marketing strategies for international website optimization, driving impactful results for the company.

Transitioning into the role of a Marketing Project Manager at Omniconvert, Andrada showcased her project management skills and leadership abilities.

Her role extended beyond project management as she oversaw hiring processes, trained team members, and developed marketing procedures to streamline operations.

For the CVO Academy, Andrada was responsible for:

  • overseeing podcast creation
  • community management
  • customer support
  • event coordination

She demonstrated her versatility by producing engaging blog and social media content, managing link building activities, and conducting thorough competition research.

Andrada’s meticulous budget management ensured optimal utilization of resources, contributing to the success of marketing initiatives.

Currently serving as a Project Manager at Data Revolt Agency, Andrada leverages her analytical skills and strategic mindset to drive project success.

She collects and analyzes data to inform client acquisition and retention strategies, supporting onboarding and offboarding processes with precision.

Her ability to navigate complex challenges with ease and foster collaboration underscores her role as a trusted leader within the organization.

With a skill set encompassing conflict resolution, quality assurance, project management, stakeholder management, and data analysis, Andrada Vonhaz continues to produce excellent work, whenever she joins a new project.

Her dedication, strategic vision, and commitment to excellence set her apart in any environment she joins.

Articles by Andrada Vonhaz

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