Real-time Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Benchmark Report: Unlock +50 stats on Customer Lifetime Value, Retention, and Segmentation. Access the benchmark

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Passionate about marketing and the dynamism of technology, Andrada started by understanding the basic steps of content & copywriting and social media, SEO & PPC back in 2016.Combining this knowledge, she was able to create marketing strategies, to develop project management skills, to communicate and monitor marketing activities from a simple idea to the completion of a project.
What is net profit

What is net profit?

Why is net profit important and how can you calculate it? Understand the differences between profit, net profit, gross profit and net profit margin.

Did you know that there's a tool for Customer Value Optimization?

It’s called Reveal and it uses automated segmentation and insights based on your first-party data to help you increase the number of loyal customers and improve Customer Lifetime Value.

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Tired of losing customers? Find out why you should focus on Customer Experience, how to measure and create the best CX for your online shop.
Capture ideas from 50+ Experts on Customer Retention, Smart Ads, Website Optimization, Customer Journey, Business Strategy, SEO, and more.
Learn how to master Net Promoter Score (NPS), one of the best growth tactics: NPS interpretation, NPS calculation, Successful NPS examples.

Real-time Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Benchmark Report

Real-time data from stores in different industries and shop ages.