Buying online can’t always be a deadly serious experience. Actually, even if visitors buy because of a need, a little fun can’t harm anyone. On the contrary: people enjoy shopping experiences that are unique and fun and might buy more when living those experiences. So if you want to sell more, the key to it might be creating good energy on the e-shop and giving visitors the feeling of a positive and rewarding experience.

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Here are our 7 tips for creating a good vibe on an e-shop, and increase conversions all the while:

1.    Create positive emotions

Emotions influence buying decisions. In fact, most shopping actions are driven by positive emotions. People buy from a site because they like the feel of it, because they trust the delivery and the paying process, etc.

By triggering positive emotions throughout the shopping process, online marketers can better engage visitors; make them feel more at home and more willing to buy something.
Here are the emotions that play an important role in online buying and the how you can create these emotions:

This is the first emotion you should aim for. In fact, 63% of potential customers abandon sites due to trust reasons.

How to create trust: through reviews, trust marks, testimonials from other customers. More statistics about trust and how to build it, you can find in the infographic “3+1 tips to leverage visitors trust and to sell more”.

trust marks infographic

People like gifts and rewards. If you want your visitors to like your e-shop and come back, you can surprise them with discounts and special offers. You can try to create a rewards system for loyal customers. You can give access to special offers to customers who bought products whose value a certain threshold.

There are so many ways you can make your e-shop feel more like a kind and human entity, than a business machine, while still increasing those sales, of course.

Excitement is a powerful emotion that makes us want to go further, to discover new things. You can use anticipation to create curiosity and then excitement about offers, products. For example, you can announce a presale at a special price, propose exclusive offers, or propose limited editions of products to customers who showed previous interest for this line of products.

You can also study your customers’ preferences through behavioral targeting, and then offer them discounts to products they seem to love.

It may seem hard to believe, but shopping is an art, and not all of us have this special talent. So use the knowledge you have in your field to inspire visitors. Create shopping lines: promotional packages with things that work great together, gift ideas, holiday themes or anything that could inspire visitors. It’s also good for business. By recommending complementary products you can increase the average value order on your e-shop.

For Christmas, has prepared great gift ideas as style boards. They look lovely and must be a true inspiration for those seeking for a winter gift: gift guide inspiration
2.    Make the site more human

Do everything you can to create a sense of individuality. A unique image that will get you remembered. By adding personality to your e-shop, and making it more human, you can sure increase those direct views from people who love your brand and come back regularly. is a clothing e-shop that translates very well the Scandinavian style, its traditional inspiration and the originality of the designer behind the line. It’s a very colorful and special e-shop, with great product displays.



3.    Make use of gamification

Buying is a necessity most of the time.  But why not make it a fun activity?
Gamification is a technique that uses the mechanics of games (points, getting to next levels, competition, puzzles and other fun activities in which the player is involved) to obtain a desired response from the user. It can be used to increase sales, to create brand awareness, to make visitors more engaged. has regular book competitions. They have also created a simple, yet fun quote mark you can use to post favorite quotes online.

Bookdepository quotemark is actually a presentation website, but since it uses some great gamification tactics, it’s worth taking a look at. They have created a whole section of tools that let the users play with the idea of coffee: a quiz, a flavor creator, a drawing tool for coffee prints, etc. create receipe
4.    Don’t create a website, create a small universe

While shopping, online customers want more than just usefulness or the activity of buying something. They want a unique and satisfying experience.

Such a shopping experience would benefit both customers and shopping owners.
When on an e-shop, enjoying a rich and memorable experience could mean learning something new and useful, creating a nice memory, discovering a new product or exciting information.

For e-commerce owners this is a very doable thing. Especially if they sell something that is generally associated with life style, collectibles, fashion, books or any other domain many people are passionate about.

The Tea Forte e-shop is a beautiful example of how to create a whole universe around a product. They propose a great array of information about teas, social etiquette, health benefits, recipes and even a tool that allows you create your own tea menu. menu
5.    Captivate the visitor

We wrote previously about how important it is to drive the customer faster to the conversion point, and how the conversion process should be simplified. But a fast navigation through the website and a straight jump to the conversion page might not always be the best response. Sometimes, a spectacular user experience captivates the visitor so much that he starts surfing through multiple pages, reading content and searching for more products. The way he interacts with the website becomes more profound with each click and a long lasting relationship can begin. As the time spent on the website interacting with content increases, so do the chances the visitor will remember the e-shop or the brand.

6.    Do unexpected and original things

E-shops are a place where people can enjoy their shopping experience, without ever leaving the confines of their own home. That’s why visual stimuli are so important. It all happens online where engaging content that transmits ideas and creates aspirations is everything.

Normally, we may think that a good product picture is the one that perfectly isolates the product and it makes him the star of the visual display. Somehow, this isn’t always the case. A product that is placed in context can create a more powerful emotional response from the visitor. It might entice him to imagine positive situations in which he might use the product, make enriching associations and so on. did this on some of its product pages. For example, on this one:

Shopmama product page in context
7.    Use great copy and design

When you are trying to get people to react to your invitations: to sign up to a newsletter, to read an ad message or to add more products to the cart, you need to get them involved. How can you do this?  By presenting your request in a captivating way that makes the visitor want to see what is all about. By creating content that has the ability to get visitors attention and persuade him in just a few seconds.

And what are visitors reacting best? On combinations of clean beautiful design with content that’s original, simple and clear. We’ve previously written about the power of words.

All the investment in making the e-shop more appealing to users is worthwhile. Give your e-commerce website the qualities of a likeable persona (generosity, joyfulness, inspiration, knowledge) and not only you will have more visitors emotionally attached to the brand, you will also have more customers and more sales.